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Will having unprotected intercourse during your period causes pregnancy?

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Well this essentially will not cause pregnancy but if you are ovulating during this time, which is not unheard of, can happen. So have unprotected intercourse during your period is not the safest bet on your part. * *

2008-06-11 23:36:09
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What if you took plan bmorning after pill after unprotected sex and then a week later had unprotected sex again without the pill does it increase the chances of pregnancy in the second time?

Hello, I will refer to this question as two separate instances of unprotected intercourse so I don't muddle you up. :-) During the first instance of unprotected intercourse, because you took the MAP and providing you took the pill correctly, it is unlikely you will conceive this time. During the second instance of unprotected intercourse where you did not take MAP, there is a 2% chance this may result in pregnancy. I don't know whether you wish to conceive or not, but it is too late to take MAP now as it must be taken within 72 hours of unprotected intercourse to be effective. I would recommend that you perform a pregnancy test 2-3 weeks after you last had unprotected intercourse for it to be effective.

How do you increase chances of pregnancy?

You can increase your chance of pregnancy, by having unprotected intercourse during your most fertile time. You can determine your fertile time, by performing a ovulation test 14 + days after your period ended.

What are the chances of getting pregnant if you have been on the pill for 12 years and have unprotected sex during the placebo pill week?

No chance of pregnancy if you take your birth control everyday at the same time. You are still protected during the placebo week even if you have unprotected intercourse.

What causes spotting and cramping during pregnancy?

usually stress sometimes if you have intercourse that can cause bleeding even infections

Can unprotected sex during PMS lead to pregnancy?

Yes, you can conceive by having unprotected sex during PMS.

Can you have intercourse during 5th week of pregnancy?

You can have intercourse through the entire pregnancy unless you have a risky pregnancy and the doctor say otherwise.

Does baby comes from sexing?

Sexting cannot create a pregnancy, but it can lead to sexual activities that can cause conception. Conception can occur during sexual intercourse. A pregnancy can occur the very first time a girl has unprotected sex.

Can you get pregnant after missing 2 pills at the beginning of the first week?

Yes you can become pregnant, because your body has not yet adapted to the hormones in the birth control which protects you from pregnancy. You should take a pregnancy test if you have had unprotected intercourse during you first week of starting birth control. You should wait to have unprotected intercourse for at least 1-2 months,2 months being safer.

Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy everyday?


What are the main causes to teenage pregnancy?

The main causes of a pregnancy in general is having unprotected sexual intercourse,,the only way you can get pregnant is if you have unprotected sex,but condoms arent 100% accurate even after using a condom during sex you could still get pregnant because the condom could have broke or something.Birth control is another way to go to but there also not 100% accurate,but if you do start taking birth control its a good thing to take it everyday and at the same time everyday to get best results.

Is clear discharge after intercourse normal during pregnancy?


If you will discharge out during the intercourse it will prevent the pregnancy?

no, get a proper contraception

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend ejaculated inside during intercourse and the next day you are experiencing mild cramping?

There is always a chance of pregnancy when you have unprotected sex. The mild cramping could be from sex. If you had sex right before ovulation or during ovulation, there is a huge chance of pregnancy. If you miss your period then take a pregnancy test. Hope this helps.

Is it possible to have a positive home pregnancy test six days after intercourse if you were ovulating the night of intercourse?

Only after your missed period you can determine pregnancy not during ovualtion

How intercourse can be done during pregnancy?

Ask doctors, personal physician.

Can you get pregNant three months into your pregnancy?

If your already pregnant and have sexual intercourse during anytime of your pregnancy you can not get pregnant.

You had unprotected intercourse during your fertile period how likely is it that you could be pregnant?

VERY. Its happened to me too many times.

How do you prevent pregnancy during intercourse without using contraceptive?

The only way to prevent pregnancy without contraception is by abstaining from sexual intercourse. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent pregnancy from occurring with 100% accuracy unless you use contraception every time you have intercourse.

Is there a way to stop possible pregnancy after intercourse?

There are ways to stop possible pregnancies after intercourse. Plan B is an alternative that must be prescribed by a doctor and taken within 72 hours of the unprotected encounter. It prevents pregnancy from occurring but won't effect you if you are already pregnant. So, if you take it too late, you may be pregnant already and it is not a cheap little pill. The universal recommendation is to use birth control before intercourse (or during).

Is it safer to have intercourse during pregnancy?

I do not know if it is "safer" but it is all good to have intercourse during pregnancy. In fact a womans libido usually increases during pregnancy (which I am sure your husband will find to be a nice change!) . Also, orgasms release a hormone that can actually help headaches and fatigue so go for it!

What is the safe period to have intercourse and not get pregnant?

Hello, There is no safe time to have unprotected sex. You can even become pregnant during your period. During your period there is a 1% risk of pregnancy occurring. Outside of your period there is a 2% risk of pregnancy occurring. During Ovulation there is a very high risk that pregnancy may occur. So basically to prevent pregnancy you need to abstain from sex or use the necessary precautions (ie; a condom, birth control etc)

Can Islam permits man and women to perform intercourse during pregnancy?

Yes it does.

Can you get pregnant if you had unprotected sex for 1-2 minutes and the male did not ejaculate?

Yup ... During sexual intercourse the male emits semen even before ejaculation. In that semen are sperm ... Pregnancy can occur before the male orgasm.

What can listeriosis cause during pregnancy?

During pregnancy, listeriosis often causes miscarriage or stillbirth.

What is the first liquid that comes out from the penis during intercourse that can cause pregnancy?