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Pets are not covered under a homeowner's policy. There are however companies, Such as Met Life that offer Pet insurance. You may want to look into that.

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No,, you would need pet insurance to cover the damage or loss.

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Q: Will homeowners cover medical for a pet that is hit on the property?
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Will homeowners cover an unregistered vehicle that hit mine on your own property?

No, Homeowners insurance does not provide comprehensive, collision nor liability insurance for your vehicles. Now if somebody's vehicle hits your house, your home insurance would cover the damages to your home.

Will renters insurance pay if a car is hit on property?

No, Renters insurance is coverage specific to household property or contents owned by the named insured. It does not cover the property of others and it does not cover automobiles. Neither Renters insurance nor Homeowners insurance will cover damage to an automobile. That's what auto Insurance is for.

When a car is a hit and run on friends property does their homeowners insurance cover the damages?

no your uninsured motorist will though. your deductable will be lower, and making too many claims on homeowners will likely caused them to be dropped by the company. i once heard you can only make a claim on homeowners once every 3 years but i don't know if that's true.

What does property damage liability car insurance cover in an accident?

Property damage liability car insurance will cover the individuals car and property that you hit. It will not cover anything to do with your vehicle if the accident is your fault.

Does homeowners insurance cover busted water pipes?

Typically no. They do not cover the appliance or system from which the water came. If a vehicle hit it or it was vandalized it would be covered.

Will the home owners insurance cover if my vehicle hit my garage wall?

No,, That would be covered under your auto insurance policy. Homeowners insurance does not cover damages to street vehicles.

Will homeowners insurance cover bodily injury by a rock caused by your lawnmower?

If you hit another person who is not one of the named insured or a household member then it may pay for the medical bill up to the limit of the policy. The limit of medical payments to others is usually from $1000 to $5000 and will be listed on your declarations page.

Does homeowners insurance cover a garage door that was hit be a friends vehicle and his vehicle?

Your homeowners insurance will cover your garage door subject to your deductible since it is part of your house. Your Home insurance does not cover damage to a vehicle though. That's what Auto insurance is for. Your friend will need to contact his auto insurance to fix his vehicle.

Does home owner insurance cover damage to property that falls from a trailer being towed?

The property is covered by the owners insurance only. If your trailer hit their property, their own insurance must cover it. If your trailer hits your own building, then your insurance will cover it.

If you hit the side of a garage when pulling in will insurance cover it even if happened at a home on private property?

More than likely the homeowners insurance or the auto insurance would cover the damage. The person would have to evaluate whether the deductible and possible increase of rates would be worth filing a claim on either policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover utility poles damaged on your property by a car?

No, You just need to call the utility company. They will take care of their pole. If a car hit the pole, The drivers auto liability insurance could pay the utility pole owner for the cost of repairs.

Will property insurance cover trees hit by a car?

Most policies have a coverage for trees and shrubbery.

If a tree in my backyard falls and does damage to neighbors privacy fence is my HO insurance liable for all costs or is his?

No, His insurance will cover his fence. Your home insurance is specific to your property and no one is liable for an act of nature,

Does homeowners insurance cover a water well that is struck by lightning?

Yes, most do. Just as if your TV or computer was blown out by a lightning hit, your well is covered as well- no pun intended!

Does landlord insurance cover car damages on property?

No, that's what car insurance is for. If someone hit your car, that person is the one liable for your damages, not the property owner where it was parked.

Does liability auto insurance cover your car if you hit a pole?

No. Liability insurance will only cover your liability for property damage/injuries to others. In this case, it would cover the damage to the pole you hit. Your liability coverage will never cover damage to anything you own. You would need collision/comprehensive coverage to cover damage to your car.

If you have PLPD or no fault insurance and you hit someone from behind and their car is fine and yours is not will your car insurance cover it?

No. PL & PD cover injury and damage you do to other persons and their property. Collision and Comprehensive cover your vehicle.

My son was playing street hockey by himself across the street in the culdesac and a neighbor kid got hit with the stick their insurance wants my homeowners to pay for medical bills Am I responsible?


What sorts of things does property and liability insurance cover?

Property and liability insurance covers a range of possibilities such as passers-by getting hit by falling masonry from your home, people injuring themselves whilst at your property or the cost of repairing your property due to an accident.

Does your homeowners insurance cover damage to someone elses auto if hit by an entrance gate?

In my opinion Should your policy include liability to other people the policy should make allowances too cover any claim which may arise at your property due to negligence on your side, however if one cannot prove that there is negligence you cannot be held liable. You would also need to consider the type of cover and whether the damage woudl fall within the ambit of your policy

Does your liability insurance cover medical for a person if you were not driving?

Your liability insurance does not cover medical expenses in your vehicle no matter who is driving. Depending on your state and the regulations there, this could vary somewhat. Liability is coverage for the party and passengers in a vehicle that you hit if you are at fault. If you are talking about a person in the other car then yes, but if you mean a person in your car the answer is no. You need to purchase "Medical Payments" or PIP coverage to provide medical coverage fro those in your car.

Is your car covered under homeowners ins or auto if your car get hit in your driveway by a large branch from your tree during a wind storm?

The comprehensive portion of your auto Insurance would cover damage from a falling limb.

If you hit your house with your car do you file a claim on your homeowners or auto policy?


What happens if you hit public property of the city?

If you hit public property you will have to pay for the damage no matter what.

Does liability coverage cover the person driving and causing the accident?

Liability coverage offers coverage for bodily injury and property damage to the other vehicle and passengers who you hit if the accident is your faulty. It does not cover you or anyone in your vehicle.