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Termites and InsuranceLiability insurance is coverage for occurrences in which you might be held financially liable. It is not possible to be liable to ones self. If your seeking coverage for a Wood Structure or Property you would look to a Homeowners Policy or some other coverage form in Property Lines.

If your a Pest exterminator by trade then you may look to a Commercial General Liability policy that will offer you liability coverage for the work or service you perform on premises and completed operations coverage for after the job is done.

Pest ExclusionsUnder Section I - Exclusions of your policy, it will explain that there is no coverage for damage due to rats, mice, termites, moths, or other insects (language varies by state), but there IS coverage for ensuing loss due to collapse of the building or any part of the building. Exterminators LiabilityThe only liability for damage due to termites would be found in a warranty policy from a pest-treatment company who has a contract to treat your home at regular intervals and guarantees their work.
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Q: Will homeowners liability cover wood damage from termites powder post beetles or other bugs?
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Does a homeowners insurance cover death of your child in the home?

No. Homeowners insurance only covers physical damage to the home and contents and liability risks.

Are termites the only insects that can damage wood?

No, not by any means. They're probably the most widely known, but many other insects, including some species of ants and beetles, eat and damage wood.

Does homeowners insurance cover a window cracked by a rock thrown by your neighbor's lawnmower?

There is a coverage on most homeowners policies that is called "Pysical Damage to Property of Others". So, since you neighbor caused physical damage to your property, this would be the logical place to start. If this is not available, then the Liability coverage [portion of his policy would cover the damage.

Does homeowners insurance cover termites?

No Homeowners ins. does not protect you from termite damage. You would have to have a contract with a termite company that is insured and the warranty would have to be a re treatment and repair policy. Treatment is required for this warranty however and normally cost between 600-1500 dollars.

Who is responsible for damage if a neighbors gazebo lands on your home?

the owner of the gazebo if they were negligent the maintenance of it. Your homeowners insurance would cover the damage. However, some insurance companies provide up to $500 for property damage to coverage others absent of liability.

Should homeowners insurance cover damage to a neighbor's property?

Your home insurance property coverage portion of your policy would not provide coverage for property of another. However, If you are found liable for damage to your neighbors property your liability coverage would invoke. Most homeowners Insurance policies come as a package with some level of Liability Insurance unless you purchased stand alone property only coverage.


form_title= Termites form_header= Save your home. Hire a pro. Where are the termites located?*= _ [50] Do you have any pets?*= () Yes () No Have you noticed any damage?*= () Yes () No

When watching a friends dog it is injured will insurance cover medical expenses?

Domestic animals are not covered under the homeowners policy. As it pertains to a liability situation, a dog would be considered 'property' and the homeowners "damage to property of others" provision in the liability section of the policy applies but only if you were the one who injured the dog, usually with a limit such as $500.

What is homeowners insurance?

Homeowners need insurance protection in the event of damage to their property. That's basically what homeowners insurance offers: financial protection in case disaster strikes. In the US, basic coverage (also called "Form 1", or "H1") will insure your house against damage from fire and lightening. If you want more protection you'll need to purchase broader coverage.Homeowners insurance is a package policy. This means that it covers both damage to your property and your liability or legal responsibility for any injuries and property damage you or members of your family cause to other people. This includes damage caused by household pets.

Will homeowners insurance cover damage to the neigborh house by your car?

No. You homeowners insurance specifically excludes motorized vehicles. You auto insurance will cover damage you did to their home with your car. Your homeowners is not designed to cover damage you do with your vehicle under any circumstances.

Does homeowners cover removal of honeybees?

No. Damage from insects would not be covered on a homeowners policy.

Does homeowners insurance cover damage to your neighbor's property caused by fire?

Usually your policy will have a section covering your liability as a homeowner. This may cover the neighbour. Check your policy ask your insurer

What is covered by property damage liability insurance?

Propety Damage covers you if you damage someone elses property. Liability covers you in the event of a lawsuit.

Does homeowners insurance cover your mortgage if you are laid off?

No. This is not what homeowners insurance is for. Homeowners insurance is to pay for physical damage to your home and contents.

Does State Farm cover raccoon damage in Oklahoma?

The answer depends not on what state the damage occurred in, but what kind of coverage you have. If it is your car, damage from an animal is covered under "comprehensive" coverage. Look at the declarations page of your policy to see if you have this. For homeowners insurance, usually damage from larger animals, like raccoons is covered, but smaller animals, like rodents, termites, etc are not covered.

Does homeowners cover damage caused by birds?


If water damage to condo ceiling is caused by upstairs neighbor but you do not have homeowners policy will neighbor's liability cover damage or do you need to get new policy before pursuing?

depends on circumstances if liability policy of neighbor would respond - are they negligent? also an insurance policy is occurrence based - the occurrence would have occurred before you purchased a unit owner policy - therefore the water damage would be excluded.

Is a work trailor cover by homeowners insurance?

No a work trailer would not be covered by your homeowners insurance. Anything used in a business is not covered under your homeowners insurance. A trailer to be attached to a vehicle would be covered for liability extended from whatever it is attached to but physical damage for the trailer itself would have to be purchased on a separate policy or a commercial fleet policy.

Do Japanese beetles do damage in japan?


What does cheap home insurance cover?

Homeowners insurance covers many things for a homeowner and varies from coverage to coverage. It covers personal liability, damage to one's dwelling and the contents inside the dwelling.

What are two types of car liability insurance?

Bodily injury liability and property damage liability.

Should homeowners insurance cover cars in garage fire?

No, unfortunately it does not. Your homeowners insurance covers damage to your home. Your auto insurance covers damage to your car.

Will homeowners cover damage to non owned golfcart if you damage it?

Homeowners insurance is coverage for specified property owned by the named insured. It does not cover the property of others.

Do scarab beetles kill your grass?

Scarab beetles can damage lawn. Most insecticide that is used to treat the infestation will work to rid of the beetles.

Does your homeowners cover damage due to remodeling your home?

Generally speaking no. If the contractor did damage intentionally you could file a vandalism claim but you would also need to file a police report. If the contractor was negligent, you could file a claim with their commercial liability insurer.