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Will increasing your tire pressure 2 lbs over recommended pressure increase mileage?

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I doubt if 2psi will make much difference. Better to change your style of driving e.g. easy on the throttle, easy on the brakes, no hard acceleration. This will give you improved fuel mileage, do not mess with the tyre pressures.

2005-02-23 08:54:03
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What is the recommended tire pressure for new Mazda 3?

32 front 32 back you can up the pressure for better mileage & handling

What air intakes for trucks can help with gas mileage?

You'll want to look for a performance air filter. Basically these increase gas mileage by increasing air supply. The more air which is available and circulating, the better the overall gas mileage.

How do you increase your fuel mileage on your 94 buick regal it has 170k miles on it?

There is no magic to increasing the mileage. Make sure the engine is running the best it can. New plugs, wires, vacuum hoses, air filter. Correct air pressure in all tires. Drive for mileage, as in, take off slow, drive the speed limit. Other than that, there is not much you can do. Don't waste your money on so called, mileage enhancer devices. They do not work, and will only lighten your billfold.

What is the recommended mileage for a tune up?

The recommended mileage for a tune-up is between 3,000 and 5,000 miles. This ensures that the vehicle is operating at maximum efficiency.

How do you by pass car computers to increase mileage?

Your vehicle will not run if you bypass the computer. Nothing you can do to the computer will increase fuel mileage. Assuming the engine in your vehicle is running properly, keep your tire pressure as outlined in your owners manual, carry as little weight in the vehicle as possible, take off slowly and drive the speed limit. Other than doing this there's nothing you can do to increase fuel mileage.

Does gas mileage increase with tire pressure?

Yes to a degree. As the pressure is increased, there is less tire contact with the road surface (grip is reduced accordingly) and gas milaege improves slightly.

Will a car get better gas mileage with higher tire pressure?

No. A car will get better mileage with the correct tire pressure.

What is the recommended mileage to replace Ford Focus?


App to calculate mileage on a run?

Tripometer is a great app for tracking your mileage. Milebug is another that is recommended.

What is the average mileage reimbursement rate in North Carolina?

50.5 cents is the government recommended mileage reimbursement for North Carolina.

What can you do to increase gas mileage on 2002 Chevrolet 1500 4x4 silverado?

There are some practical ways to increase the gas mileage but you can use also Fuel Infusion what is a powerful fuel catalyst. Fuel Catalyst realy helps to increase to boost your engine power and your gas mileage.

Will IRS mileage reimbursement be increasing midyear?

In recognition of increasing gasoline prices, the IRS has announced an increase in the optional standard mileage rates for the second half of 2008. The standard mileage rate for business miles driven from July 1, 2008, through December 31, 2008, will be 58.5 cents per mile, an increase of eight cents over the rate for the first half of the year. The standard mileage rate for medical and moving expenses has been increased to 27 cents per mile from 19 cents per mile. The standard mileage rate for charitable purposes, however, remains unchanged at 14 cents per mile. Rev. Proc. 2007-70, I.R.B. 2007-50, 1162, is modified.

Does friction help to increase gas mileage?


Will using a smaller tire size than stock increase gas mileage?

No, it will decrease gas mileage.

Recommended mileage for transmission service on a 540 I BMW 1997?

BMW does not have a recommended millage for a transmission service on a 1997 540-I.

Do rear spoilers increase gas mileage?

Spoilers decrease gas mileage. Spoilers are designed to create down force, which creates drag. The drag will increase gas usage.

How can you increase mileage on your powerstroke?

You can increase fuel mileage by installing a tuner or a bigger exhaust. I'm sure there are some other ways also if you look into it but these are two of the best ways.

How do you increase mileage of honda activa?

use tubeless tyres make your air/fuel mixture lean change the engine oil , gear oil change the air filter change the spark plug if necessary check free movement of brake liners use recommended tyre air pressure (depends on tyres) use only normal fuel not use premium fuel it is not recommended check your battery too...

What is the recommended mileage for timing belt change on 2002 galant?

60000 miles

How do you know if you need a timing belt changed?

check recommended mileage, DO NOT EXCEED

Does a faulty power steering pressure switch affect gas mileage?

Yes, the faulty power steering pressure switch does affect the gas mileage. It will give a wrong reading of the gas mileage. It is therefore important to fix it when it is faulty.

Which describes increasing the efficiency of an energy resource?

making cars that get better gas mileage

What describes increasing the efficiency of an energy resouce?

making cars that get better gas mileage

Do those gas pills really make you get better gas mileage?

Absolutely, positively no, they will do nothing. None of the products being sold to increase mileage actually work, and some actually hurt mileage. These products are sold to the gullible.Absolutely, positively no, they will do nothing. None of the products being sold to increase mileage actually work, and some actually hurt mileage. These products are sold to the gullible.

Will changing from single exhaust to duel exhaust increase mileage?