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Will it be safe to get a prep engine kit that prepares your engine for synthetic oil and switch to all synthetic if your car has 100K miles on it?


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2004-12-30 05:05:29
2004-12-30 05:05:29

If you have kept regular oil changes, no prep is required. Just go and put the synthetic oil in.


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In a Brand new engine it is recommended that you get the rings seated before you start using Synthetic oils. So run your engine for 3,000 miles and then you can switch to a Synthetic.

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The oil used in a 1999 Mitsubishi mirage is 5W-30. When engine the engine reach more than 150,000 miles switch to partial synthetic will help the life of the engine.

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Only if the engine has low miles or no sludge build up - synthetic oil captures the carbon within its molecules and if there is to much carbon buildup (sludge) it will release the carbon into the molecules of the synthetic oil and run it through the engine - once the filter is bypassing there is nothing to keep the "liquid sandpaper" from wiping out the bearings.

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Yes, just make sure it is a diesel rated oil. There are varying opinions on how long you should wait for the engine to break in first. 10,000 or 15,000 miles is probably safe. 5w40 is the commonly used synthetic diesel oil.

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I did back in 2001 , and have used 100 % synthetic oil in my 1995 Ford Explorer ever since . As long as your engine is healthy ( doesn't leak or burn any oil ) I had about 51,000 miles on my engine when I did so I knew the piston rings had " worn in " As long as you use the same weight of engine oil that the manufacturer recommends and it meets the manufacturers specifications ( P.S. I'm not a mechanic / technician )

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