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Will oil be leaking from your car if your head gaskets are blown like in your driveway?

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There are quite a few possibilities when the head gasket blows. In one scenario the exhaust gases will leak into the crankcase causing elevated pressure and the pressurized exhaust gas will take oil vapor out through the main bearing seals since the main bearing seals are not designed to operate under that kind of pressure.

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If the thermostat is changed why would the car still overheat?

it could possibly have either a blown head gasket or intake manifold gaskets leaking

You had a pressure test on your car and the radiator and all hoses were replaced however its still leaking antifreeze?

Possible cracked block or a blown head gaskets.

How do you repair blown head gaskets?

You cannot repair a blown head gasket, you must remove the heads and replace the gasket.

Can blown head gaskets make your car run hot?


Would you be able to smell anti-freeze in the cabin area or exhaust if you have blown head gaskets?

in the exhaust possibly but in the cabin more often means leaking heater core.

Why is your 1994 Toyota Celica overheating?

Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced Blown head gastet, radiator leaking, thermostat needs to be replaced

Are there some sort of tests mechanics can do to see if you have blown head gaskets?

Yes, a test strip is available that determines whether there is carbon monoxide in the coolant. If a headgasket is leaking the carbon monoxide from the combustion process will build up in the coolant. That simple test will determine if the head gasket is leaking.

You have taken apart a motor for a 1996 SL Saturn The oil was leaking into the antifreeze Does this sound like you need a new head?

The 1996 Saturn more likely has a blown head gasket. The gaskets will give this problem. If the head is in doubt it can be checked for warpage.

Why would there be coolant leaking into the oil in a 1995 Gran am?

I'm assuming your grand am has a 3400 v6 which are known for intake and head gaskets leaking. so its possible that one of those gaskets are leaking so bad that coolant is leaking from intake/heads down onto your valvetrain and then down into your oil pan. more than likely its your intake gaskets leaking.

Could antifreeze leaking fromthe overflow be a blown head gasket for sure?

Blown head gasket or cracked head or both are a good bet.

What causes continus Excessive white smoke mondeo?

if it has a sweet smell its antifreeze, heads or head gaskets are leaking/blown no cheap fix be sure to have heads pressure tested at a reputable machine shop

Watery engine oil?

Your head gaskets are blown. sorry to be the barrer of bad news.

What damage is caused by having too much oil in the engine?

Blown head gaskets.

Is the 3.0 notortious for blown head gaskets on the ford taurus?

No It's not very common.

What to do for blown head gaskets for 3.8 engine?

Remove the head, Grind it flat and replace it using a new gasket.

What is the best fix for Blown head gasket on turbocharged 5.0 mustang?

MLS head gaskets or o-ring the block/head

Can a intake gasket be blown without signs of a headgasket problem?

YES. The intake gaskets have NOTHING to do with the head gaskets. It is a very common problem that the intake gaskets blow. It is not common for the head gaskets to leak unless the engine was over heated, and I mean HOT.

What is the best stuff to use for a blown headgasket?

Head gaskets can't be repaired. If they fail they have to be replaced.

1994 deville ran hot now wont start?

blown motor .probably blown head gaskets or a cracked head with water on the cylinders causing hydraulic lock.

Why are 3.8 liter engines more known for blowing head gaskets?

The 3.8 GM V6 is prone to blown intake gaskets much more than blown head gaskets. The blown intake gasket causes a loss of coolant which in turn causes overheating and a blown head gasket. The problem exists with most 2000 to 2003 vehicles equipped with the 3.8 Liter V6. There were defects in the upper intake manifold gasket, throttle body nuts, and the throttle body gasket.

What if a 97 Plymouth breeze is leaking antifreeze and it will not start?

Blown head gasket.

What does it mean when the coolant is creamy and leaking from cap?

you probably have a blown head gasket

Why is your car losing antifreeze but not leaking it?

Its a strong indication of a blown head gasket

Burning oil smell?

head gaskets are probably bad and leaking oil onto crossover pipe .

Do Pontiac grand ams have problems with blown head gaskets?

i was told that they do, except for the 3.1 definitely the 3.4

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