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Will performance spark plug wires mess up non performance spark plugs?

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January 22, 2007 3:51PM

No. The better performing spark plug wires will allow more voltage to get to your non performance plugs and may make your non performance plugs fire just a bit better. This is due to less resistance in the spark plug wire and the wire may be of a larger diameter and this too allows more voltage to flow to your plugs. When you install the plug wires make sure to buy some spark plug boot grease and put some inside the boot where it snaps onto the spark plug head. This grease keeps the boots from sticking or bonding to the spark plug head. It makes it easier to remove the plug wire from the plug. Make sure the plug wire boot snaps onto the plug head, and only change out one wire at a time. If you pull all of them off, you better know what order they go back on. So take one off, get one of your new wires and hold the new one up to the old one and make sure you have about the same length wire and put that one on. Then pull another one off and do the same thing.