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Will rubbing alcohol kill parasites?

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Rubbing alcohol or isopropyl alcohol can be used as a disinfectant. Rubbing alcohol can kill the HIV, hepatitis B, herpes, influenza and other viruses.

Yes, rubbing alcohol is toxic to most insects. In the right concentration, rubbing alcohol will kill a wool eating moth.

yes if they drink it do not feed cats rubbing alcohol

Will rubbing alcohol kill lice on furniture

Rubbing alcohol will kill just about anything it comes in contact with. Apply liberally.

yes rubbing alcohol has a smell that suffocates the bugs

Drinking rubbing alcohol can kill you by destroying your organs. Don't do it.

For gawds sake, don't drink this !!! It will kill YOU!!Consult a doctor. Rubbing alcohol is for external use only. Do not drink it!!

Yes, it can kill a plant within weeks. Do no try to water a plant with rubbing alcohol unless you expect to kill it.

Since enough alcohol can kill a human, I would say it would also kill parasites living in or on human.

This method is not efficient.

Rubbing alcohol is not an insecticide and should not be used to kill bedbugs. It may be very poisonous for them, but it is also harmfull to you. Alcohol is highly flammable!

YES! The bacteria and other chemicals will kill it.

Usually rubbing alcohol contains methyl alcohol. It will kill you or at-least make you blind. Never use rubbing alcohol for drinking purpose. Specially when you have so many good alcohol beverages to drink.

Try Killing Stinkbugs with Rubbing Alcohol.

It can kill you! During Prohibition times the booze was cheap and many died from the effects of rubbing alcohol. ambot

On a surface, rubbing alcohol will kill chlamydia; but it will not work for a treatment.

Yes, rubbing alcohol will kill fungus, assuming the living fungus cells are exposed to the alcohol. Isopropyl alcohol breaks down many of a cell's processes rendering it dead within a few seconds, a process called denaturation. If the cells of the fungus are not exposed directly to the rubbing alcohol then it will not kill those cells. Hence, humans can touch rubbing alcohol without major injury as our living tissue is protected by the upper most layer of skin which is dead.

The rubbing alchohol could kill the termites but only for small mounds.If there is a huge mound better call a professional.

theoretically, if you were to place HIV in a cap full of rubbing alcohol, it would not live very long. Drinking alcohol will not kill HIV Rubbing it on a cut after suspected exposure helps, but does not guarantee that you dont get the virus. Cleaning your instruments and skin with alcohol before any type of injection is always recommended.Yes.

Rubbing Alcohol kills plants because it drys the inside of a plant and even if you water it'll stil die in a few weeks.

Sure. Just make it a viking funeral.

The alcohol will only kill those germs it comes into contact with but not those embedded within the cushions .

I would buy a product that has "effective against MRSA" written on it. Some brand wipes have this but can leave a sticky residue. Rubbing alcohol, as told by my doctor, is not strong enough to kill MRSA

No, rubbing alcohol has oil and isopropyl alcohol in it.

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