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Will slick 50 cure a knocking noise?


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2009-02-17 20:05:32
2009-02-17 20:05:32

No it will not. There is something wrong.

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Slick 50 can be used with any weight of oil. We have used it for years, and a very good product.Im however not to sure about the synthetic oils if you are using them.

May need a valve job or, the lifters might need adjusting. I have heard that lifter noise is a common problem. From day one I have put in slick 50 every 3 oil changes. I put 5w-20w synthetic oil in every time. Also Lucas oil treatment, when I don't put in the slick 50. Runs quite as a baby. 362K and still going strong.

Mercedes a170 cdi 2003 reg- 94k (recently bought second hand - no service history) I have tried replacing the oil ( 5w/30),which 'appeared' to make the noise worse. I have since added a oil additive - slick 50. Adding only a small does at first, reduce the noise. But after a quick blast - the noise returned. I have added the remainder of the oil additives. and the kept the engine speed low, warming the car before driving. This appears to have helped, but I fear that this is not the long term solution. Looking at many sites the suggestion is that the oil may have to be changed to 10w/40 etc in order to fill the 'larger gaps' due to engine ware.

Yes, any noise that can be heard 50 ft. from the property line is a violation.

The Dr- Oz Show - 2009 The Revolutionary Cure for Pain 3-50 was released on: USA: 16 November 2011

hi iwould first try some engine slick 50 if that would not work tune-up next, then mech last. good luck I answered a similar question regarding oil getting to the top of the engine. Try switching to a genuine Mistubishi oil filter. Aftermarket filters do not allow sufficient oil to get to the top of the engine, causing the valves & lifters to "tap" loudly. Changing back to a Mitsubishi OEM filter solved my engine noise problems on my 3000GT.

A vehicle can be shaking and knocking when the speed gets over 50 mph if there is something wrong with the suspension. There might be a tie rod loose, a wheel that is out of balance, or the ball joints could be bad. This is a very dangerous situation that needs to be taken care of before an accident happens.

you could if you want but I prefer lucas transmission fix.

if there are no unusual noises coming from your engine, it may just be a bad sensor.(if theres no noise in engine there's proper lub). You may want to read this. I have spoken tomechanics that have seen Slick 50 still in the bottom of the oil pan too thick to be pumped by the oil pump. Good luck.

I hear a clicking noise coming from my jeep when I hit speeds greater then 50 MPH? any ideas on what can cause this

it is bcz of the complaint in the silencer its surface may be filled with dust

A noise level that measures 65 decibels is for a normal conversation on the noise scale. On this scale, 0 decibel is the threshold of hearing and 140 decibels is a jet plane at a distance of about 50 meters away.

I have tried the Greased Lightning's Fuel System Treatment and it worked for improving my gas mileage much better then Slick 50, Lucass, and Seafoam combined. It helped solve some of my engine noise and was really easy to use. I would recommend it and would not buy any other product after using this one.

Most likely no. I have had occasional luck with Slick 50 Automatic Transmission treatment but only sometimes.Its worth a try and sometimes it works

The coin noise is attached to a 50 Chip in the dealer ground base. it will be to ur left as u enter the part that actually is called "Dealer Base"

Pasosonic makes an affordable Noise Cancellation earbuds for about $35 to $40, Now if you want quality you may have to pay more up to $50 to $100 dollars.

One thing that can cause a knocking sound in that area is the air temperature blend door banging.If you're having any trouble with changing the temperature settings, be sure to check out the "Related Question" for this (relatively) easy - $50 repair

As far as the knocking noise in the front goes, I have the same problem and was told that it is the lower control arm bushings. From what I understand, the OEM bushings wear pretty fast which is not uncommon since most cars have busings that are rubber and don't hold up to salt, moisture, etc. The good news is that you can find front control arm bushings pretty easy and they are usally less than $50 for a set. Aftermarket ones should be polyurethane and they'll probably outlast the car and provide a better ride too. Figure 1 1/2 hours on the rack- tops at your local mechanic. The knocking you hear in the rear (yes, I had that problem too) is the Idler arm. The bushings on the Idler arm wear down as well and that noise comes from it banging around when you go over a bump. You have to order the Ider arm, which has the bushings integrated into it already. It's relatively inexpensive - @60 I believe. Figure 45 minutes on the rack at your local mechanic. It also wouldn't hurt to check your spare tire carrier and make sure you have it fully lifted (the tightening nut is inside the liftgate concealed under a plastic cover).

I've been using 5W-30 with a litre of Slick 50 for 235,000 and it runs well. I change oil and filter every 4,000.

In the town of Brookhaven, NY, you may have to pay a fine of $50 to $150 to violating the sound ordinance. The noise regulations are in effect in anytime after 10:00 p.m.

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There is a noise ordinance for Rochester, PA. No sound can be audible beyond the property line between 10 p.m. - 8 a.m. Noise from a car, including music cannot be audible for more than 50-feet. Noise as the result of construction activities are restricted between the hours of 10 p.m. - 7 a.m.

It is best for you to re-submit your question with a more specific description of the noise, whether it is a squeal, a bump, a hum, a screech, a tick or a click - this will help to get a more accurate answer.

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