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It's just auto Insurance. If you purchased coverage for uninsured motorists coverage option then yes you will be covered.

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You are an uninsured motorist and rear end a car now the insurance company wants you to pay the damages you refuse to pay what will the insurance company do will you be sued what can be done?

not sure

What does stacked uninsured motorist coverage mean and will it get your car fixed by insurance?

"Stacked" refers to uninsured motorist coverage, not to liability or physical damage coverage. In essence, if there are two cars in a household, both with insured motorist coverage, the uninsured motorist limits of the cars can be "stacked"--added together. Naturally, this will only make a difference if the severity of the injury and the clarity of the liability is such as to warrant that size of a payment to the insured. Keep in mind that the assessment of damages by an insurer in an uninsured motorist claim is similar to that done by a liability insurer in a third-party claim. Note also that some states have "anti-stacking" statutes which prohibit the stacking of ininsured motorist limits.

Who is responsible for damage done to a uninsured vehicle?

If you have an accident with an uninsured vehicle, you and your insurance company are still liable for all damages, even though the other vehicle has no insurance. The only thing that will happen to the other driver is a citation for driving with no insurance.

How much does uninsured motorist insurance cost in New Jersey?

If you get into an accident in New Jersey and are not insured, it will cost you a substantial amount. The cost to repair the vehicle, pay the fines if responsible for the accident and possibly have to pay for some damages done to other vehicles or public property.

What can I do to get my car fixed when the owner of the responsible car refuses refuses to pay for damages done by a boyfriend driving and her insurance won't pay because he was excluded?

I hope you got a police report. If not call the PD and ask them if it's too late to file a report, some will do one weeks after as long as both parties agree it occurred. Second, appeal to your insurance company to file the claim under uninsured motorist insurance (you SHOULD have it). If all else fails, all you can do is go to small claims court.

What is cover under uninsured motorist?

When you buy a car, you have 30 days to get it insured before it becomes illegal, but you are completely financially responsible for any damage done until you are insured.

Is water damage covered from a broken pipe covered?

Usually not. State laws differ, but if the work was done by an uninsured plumber or you did it yourself, you probaly have no legal case against your insurance company. You might be able to sue a plumber for damages if it is proven it was negligence.

Had an accident my fault did not have license or insurance What can you do?

Contact the other parties insurance company and hope that they have uninsured motorist coverage which will not help you in any way except that the person you hit will be paid for all damages you did and you will be able to work out a payment plan in order to repay the insurance company for these losses plus interest. Maybe this will keep you out of jail. Depends on your state laws in that matter. In most cases I have seen you will loose your drivers license until this is paid in full. Perhaps if you show the judge that you have done this they will issue you a permit to drive back and forth to work.

If a car was stolen and the driver was not found who is responsible for the damages done to your car?

If the drive is not found, your insurance will have to cover the damages. When the guy is found, press charges and sue him for damages.

Why is having 21st century insurance important?

Having insurance in general is important; auto insurance especially. Not only is it illegal to drive without auto insurance, but if a person were to get into a car accident, he/she would have to exchange insurance information with the other person involved in the accident. A hefty fine can follow if he/she does not have insurance. The insurance will pay for the damages done so that he/she does not have to pay out of pocket. The same goes for homeowners' insurance. If damages are done to a person's house, then the insurance will pay for the damages. Overall, it doesn't matter if it is 21st Century Insurance or another insurance company. Insurance is very important to have.

Will a insurance company pay for the damages done to your car by someone who stole it?

Insurance is supposed to return the car to the condition it was before it was stolen.

Is an insured driver on your policy responsible for damages that they have not repaired on your vehicle?

== == In the event that you got into a car accident and it was not your fault but the other driver's, if he is insured, his insurance company is liable to pay for the damages of your vehicle. On the other hand, if the other driver is not insured, your own insurance company, provided you have a policy regarding uninsured or underinsured drivers, will be responsible for the damages your vehicle has incurred. They however, may have a right of action against the person responsible for the accident. The person who caused the damage to your vehicle is ultimately responsible for the damage to your vehicle regardless of whether there is an applicable insurance coverage or not. Whether you actually have the repairs done is none of their business.

Does homeowner insurance include damages done on a vehicle that was damaged in your yard?

No damage to motor vehicles is specifically excluded

What happens if you are in a car crash without liability insurance?

It depends on who and was injured in the accident, who received injuries and what property damage was received. Although it differs from state-to-state many states require (UM)Uninsured Motorist coverage as well as liability insurance.Under Illinois law, you are required to have car insurance Liability limits of at least 20/40/15. What does this mean? It means:$20,000 per person, for bodily injury you cause,$40,000 per accident, for bodily injury, and$15,000 per accident, for damage to another's property, usually their car.Uninsured Motorist Bodily Injury Limits of:$20,000 per person,$40,000 per accident.These are just the minimums and most drivers carry limits much higher then this. If the other driver is injured he is covered up to $20,000 per person and $40,000 per occurrence. In all actuality, the other driver's property and injury will be covered by his insurance.(The UM portion of the policy) However, this does not stop the insurance company from trying to recover the money it paid out from the liable party. This is called subrogation; the insurance company could sue you(if you were found liable) to recover damages to property and bodily injury that you caused.Although it is estimated that 18-24% of drivers are uninsured, it is illegal and dangerous. If you were in an accident and caused damages you may have to pay civil and criminal damages and wind up paying for the rest of your life or spend time in prison.If your car is registered, random checks are done to make sure people have auto insurance. If you don't carry proof of auto insurance and you are stopped by Illinois law enforcement, your license plates get suspended and you will receive a minimum $500 fine for driving uninsured, not to mention it then goes on your driving record and then you have to pay $100 reinstatement fee once you do get properly insured again. If you continue driving uninsured and get stopped, you get a minimum $1,000 fine for driving a vehicle while the license plates were suspended for a previous insurance violation, and a minimum 4 month suspension plus $100 reinstatement fee. Lastly, while the plates are suspended, no one may drive that vehicle.

Can a uninsured licensed driver drive a insured drivers car?

The rules and laws of insurance vary from state to state but generally speaking it is the automobile that is insured not the driver. So if your friend allows you to drive her insured car and you are involved in an accident you are covered under her policy(((IF her insurance policy does not stipulate restrictions banning unlicensed drivers from operating the vehicle))) in which case her insurance may not cover damages done to her vehicle or injuries to the unlicensed driver.

If you only have liability insurance and someone hits your car and leaves should your insurance cover the damages done to your car?

No. Physical Damage coverage to your own vehicle would be covered in this instance if you purchased the coverage, but liability only would not repair the damages.

Does comprehensive insurance cover damage done to a car if the car hits or is hit by an animal?

Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your car that are the result of covered issues not related to a collision, such as an animal. Some insurance companies do not cover damages due to animals.

What happens if an uninsured driver causes an accident in an insured car?

Vehicles are insured not drivers. If you are qualified and authorized to operate an auto the insurance on it will pay for it and any damage done by it.

Your daughter is uninsured and rear-ended another car as they were both slowing to stop Is she responsible for damages done to the other car?

in most states it's up to you to pursue the charges but it's your car and unless she is not on your insurance then it's your fault but some companies will default the tech stuff they're just money hungry anyways

Does it cover damage done to a car if the car hits or is hit by an animal?

It depends on the type of insurance you have and your policy. Comprehensive coverage protects you against damages to your car that are the result of covered issues not related to a collision, such as an animal. Some insurance companies do not cover damages due to animals.

How long does it take to get insurance money for damages done to your vehicle in an auto accident?

It can take up to six months or longer if there where injuries involved.

Will insurance cover joists falling off of main girder?

If you are having this construction done by a bonified contractor, then their insurance should cover any/all damages. If you, the homeowner, are doing the construction and someone gets hurt, your home hazard insurance policy should cover that. Your home policy most likely will not cover other damages.

What is the best insurance for cars?

It is necessary to compare the car insurance policies as it can save a substantial amount of money and give you better coverage options. However, comparing the policies manually can be a daunting task. Car insurance very is necessary. It is a legal requirement to have a minimal level of insurance before driving a car in India. Coverage would differ by product, however following is a list of possible car Insurance coverage. -It covers bodily injury claims of people who get injured in an accident. -It covers property damages to third parties such as another person's car. -Medical payment is done to the policy owner and other passengers in the policy owner's car. -Uninsured and under insured motorist coverage. This coverage protects you when the negligent driver has no insurance or insufficient insurance. In most states, this covers only bodily injury losses, though some states do include property damage losses.

What are some features of Ace insurance?

Ace Insurance company does not appraise damages on a claim. Their auditors will never see the damages done. They see the estimate of the damages and review it for mistakes, fairness and accuracy. Thus they achieved the title of "The Claims Review Company." If you have a claim, you will never see their auditors, but you can rest assured when Ace says the estimate is fair and correct, it is.

Can an adjuster refuse a claim when their driver was issued a ticket at the scene of an accident?

The broad answer is "No", if only because a ticket is merely an accusation, not a determination of guilt or liability. But the issue gets more complicated depending upon the coverage involved. For example, collision coverage is a first-party coverage intended to pay for the physical damage to ones own car. If the claim is otherwise covered (meaning essentially that the insured has done everything required by the policy to assert the claim), the fact that the insured was given a ticket, and even if he convicted of the offense, will not ordinarily bar recovery. This is in contrast to another kind of first-party insurance, uninsured motorist coverage. It is designed to pay the same sort of damages to a person injured in a collision which the other driver or owner's liability insurance would have paid if that person had bodily injury liability coverage (such as damages for a permanent injury, pain and suffering, disfigurement, etc.). Stated otherwise, uninsured motorist coverage takes the place of the at-fault driver's/owner's bodily injury liability coverage when he/she does not have that coverage. Normally, the payment of uninsured motorist coverage benefits to an injured party will follow the same rules of negligence law as a claim directly against the at-fault driver, and thereby, principles of comparative or contributory negligence usually apply. Therefore, if the claimant is cited for a moving violation related to the collision and convicted of the violation, that finding may be interpreted as some degree of negligence, which may, in turn, have a bearing upon recovery from the insurer.