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Yes and No.It depends on your body shape and type and how big the baby is.With my first pregnancy i had no pains at all not even when my water broke,i went into labor at 7am and my daughter came at 832am i pushed 5 times,pushing hurt me the most. but wit this pregnancy i have been having pains since i was about 4 months they told me its because my baby is large and doesnt have very much room to move around. But when the head drops into position there is a feeling a lots of pressure like everything on the inside is going to come out. i wish u the best of luck and you can also try some pregnancy exsercises to help relieve the pain.

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When is cesarean section safer for a baby in breech position?

A c-section is safer than a vaginal delivery when the baby is 8 lb (3.6 kg) or larger, in a breech position with the feet crossed, or in a breech position with the head hyperextended.

What does a delivery nurse do during a child delivery?

a delivery nurse only helps the doctor with getting the tools and helps holds the mothers legs up and when the baby is born the nurse takes the baby and washes it off and raps a blanket around it and gives it to the mother.

When does the baby turn head down in the womb?

The baby changes position to prepare for delivery. It is safest for the fetus to come out headfirst; this is the way the body naturally is designed.

What is cesarian delivery and normal delivery?

cesarian delivery is when the doctors or nurse cuts your tummy to get the baby out while normal delivery the baby come out of the women's vagina.

Who performs a baby delivery?

delivery doctors and nurses

What does it mean when you feel like your baby is pushing down does that mean she is about to drop?

If you feel pressure in your cervix and are towards the end of your last trimester that means your baby is dropping into delivery position! :)

What is variable presentation in pregnancy?

Baby position keeps on changing while doing scanning is called "Variable presentation"..I have checked this with doctor and she said it is not a problem in 5th month as sufficient time is there for the baby to change its position for normal delivery.. K.Veeramani from India..

What are good ways of getting comfortable sitting down when your unborn child is in a transverse position?

There is no problem with sitting down when baby is in transverse position.

When is it too late to adjust a breech baby and when would you expect baby to go into delivery position?

If this is your first baby, your baby should get in head down position around 36 or 37 weeks, sometimes sooner. It's too late probably when you're in active labor (4cm-complete). I had a breech baby born c-section 6 years ago. The c-section wasn't fun but was worth her safety. I have a VBAC 4 years ago. It doesn't exclude you from normal delivery now and forever.

Is it ok if baby is moving into position at 30 weeks?

yes. It doesn't mean that your going to have the baby early it just means that the baby is getting ready. My 2nd daughter got in the head down position and stayed that way at 16 weeks. It just depends on the baby.

Is it normal for the bump to move downwards in the seventh month of pregnancy?

Yes, this is normal, as the baby and the mother prepares for delivery the baby must move toget in the right position, so you may notivce this fromt he 7th month but it will also continue to seem to move downwards until delivery.

When does mastitis develop after delivery of a baby?

Mastitis usually begins more than two to four weeks after delivery of the baby.

What is a doctor feling for when he examine your stomach for pregnancy?

The Dr is probably checking what is called your fundal height. Fundal height is determined by the size of the uterus to determine fetal growth and development. The Dr could also be checking the position of the baby if you are getting close to delivery.

What is cesarean delivery and normal delivery?

Normal delivery is birth of the baby emerging through the vagina into the outside world, as nature intended. Caesarean delivery is delivery of the baby by a surgical incision into the abdomen, then the womb, to extract the baby directly from the womb. It is so-called because it was supposedly the way Julius Caesar came into this world.

What condition may cause cryptorchidism in an infant?

Ordinarily, the testicles descend before the baby is born; however, if the baby is born prematurely, the scrotal sac may be empty at the time of delivery.

Possiblity of getting pregnant post childbirth delivery?

It is possible to get pregnant soon after you have a baby. Many people have children who are exactly a year apart.

Does the womb come out with the baby on delivery?

no. the placenta is delivered after the baby comes out.

Is Nitrofurantoin safe to take during pregnancy?

Pregnant women should not take this medicine within two weeks of their delivery date and should not use it during labor and delivery, as this could cause problems in the baby.

When a baby is delivered head first this is called what?

Head first is a normal vaginal delivery. In a breech delivery, where the feet and bottom of the baby emerge first, usually a Caesarian section delivery is performed.

What may the physician decide if the baby is in breech position?

The doctor may first attempt to reposition the baby (external cephalic version). The doctor may also try a vaginal breech delivery, depending on various factors.

What is a baby delivery nurse called?


How many days does a baby stay the womb before delivery?

A baby usually stays in the womb before delivery between 1080 days and 1260 days.

Why do nurses insist on keeping women who are delievering babies calm?

Because your baby can tell if you are freaking out or stressing out, which in turn freaks then out and stresses them out. If a baby and mother are stress at the time of delivery it will make it very difficult. With problems such as the baby not getting enough oxygen, or the baby not decending to the birth canal.

What stage of labor is childbirth?

The delivery of the baby is the 2nd stage, dilating is the first and delivery of the placenta is the third

What does a conic section have to do with science?

C - sections often called "autotopsy" help scientists determine if someone is sick or if they died for some unknown reason it can help determine the cause of death. Watch NCIS or CSI to see what I mean. Also they can help deliver a baby if it is in the wrong delivery position.