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No, halo is exclusive to the Xbox 360. The xbox will be the only console to ever play halo on.

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Q: Will there definitly be a halo game for the wii?
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Is there a halo game for wii?

No, halo is only on Xbox.

Can you get halo for wii?

Halo is not available for purchase on the Wii. Programmers however have been able to make emulators which play on the Wii and host the original Halo game.

Is there a game like Halo for Wii?

no nothing like halo bu there is call of duty but i am not a fan of he wii

Can i get any halo's for any game system?

No you can not get Halo for the PS3 or Wii

What alternative game is there for Halo for the wii?


What halo game is there for Wii?

none. halo is owned by Microsoft and the wii is owend by Nintendo so they don't cross

How much does halo reach cost for wii at game stop?

Dude did you hit your head, there is no halo reach for wii.

Is there any halo game for the wii?

no there are no halo games for the Wii. halo games are only on the XBox (halo 1-3, wars, odst, and reach) and PC (halo 1 and 2).

Is there a Halo 3 game for the wii?

no only on xbox

What game for Wii is recommended- the conduit or need for speed undercover?

the need for speed games have gotten increasingly repitive and just flat out blah. If you like how those games work and their playing style then it is a good game to buy. The conduit is a fresh game that has a lot of potential for sequels and spinoffs (like halo did). It isn't as good as halo but i would have to say that it is the best game shooting game on the wii and maybe even the best game for the wii overall. From my point of biew i would definitly buy the conduit.

How much is halo for the Wii?

There is no halo for the Wii as Halo is owned by Microsoft and Wii is Nintendo

Will bungie make a halo game for the wii?

Very unlikely.

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