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It is possible. Be sure to scan any downloads with your anti-virus software.

Yes you might I did and my computer restarted whenever I ran Limewire, I got the virus a few days after I downloaded Limewire and I uninstalled Limewire and reinstalled it but it kept restarting my computer so I couldn't use it again and then even when I uninstalled it it restarted my computer for no reason and the virus wont get picked in my anti virus software.

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Q: Will you get any viruses from downloading or using LimeWire?
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How can viruses be prevented when using LimeWire to download software?

To prevent getting viruses when downloading any software on lime wire, you can either find an anti-virus that is free or purchase a good name brand such as Norton.

Is downloading video files with LimeWire illegal?

Downloading with Limewire or ANY other p2p software is not illegal. Its illegal to download Copyrighted material.

Does LimeWire harm your computer in any way?

limewire itself does not..but some downloads of it has they can..but limewire itself cant..

Did you get any viruses while downloading or using fraps?

No, and neither should you if you download it from

Are there any Free websites for downloading music without any trials?


Does downloading LimeWire Basic cost anything?

No, it is free to download the basic. (I know because a teen babysitter helped me dowload basic limewire this last month on my home PC.) No, But it can if you get caught using it. limewire is illegal and you can get in trouble for it. Limewire says it is legal, But it is only legal to them limewire doesnt use any of the files, just lets them go from one place to another (you can also get pro for nothing by downloading PRO off limewire basic ';,.,;'

What is the free music downloading website that doesn't give you any virus?

Limewire, but be careful of what you do download because of course limewire is illegal :)

Can lime wire give you a virus?

downloading limewire software does not give you a virus...the files that are downloaded from limewire like downloading music can give you a virus, that's why I do not use limewire or frostwire or any file-sharing websites, because my past experience with file-sharing websites and limewire was not pleasant.

How do you know which downloads on LimeWire have viruses?

Limewire doesn't have any built in detector for that kind of thing, it's job is just to find files that match your search. The only way to be sure you aren't downloading the PC version of Ebola is to use a separate virus scanner and keep the folder you're downloading into quarantined. Scan every file you download for viruses before moving it into your music or video library and setting it free on your hard drive.

Does BOTS give your computer any viruses?

BOTS (acclaim) doesn't or will not give your computer viruses. I've played it for many years and have gotten no viruses. So, if you were thinking about downloading it, it won't give you any viruses.

Why has LimeWire stopped working?

because it is illegal, and limewire can mess up your computer because you are not downloading you are sharing music from another computer. so if you use your computer for banking or check your account, don't use any other site like limewire.

Where can you see the hannah montanna movie?

In the cinema. Or download it from: * Limewire * Graboid Or any other downloading thing...

Does Mine craft have any viruses?

No, Minecraft does not have any Virueses if you are downloading it from the Offical Minecraft wedsite. If you are downloading a Cracked version (Free version) then there is a 80% chance of it being a virus.

Are there any films about the issue of piracy illegal downloading?

Yes there are many issues about piracy of music and movies. Napster and LimeWire were shut down.

Is the SanDisk Sansa e250 compatible with LimeWire?

Yes, it is compatible. Just keep in mind that most material on Limewire is illegal to download. If you are downloading any copyrighted material, and get caught, you will be facing some very hefty fines.

Are shareware programs likely to have viruses?

Not necessarily, but it is possible. After downloading any shareware, you should always save to a download folder and scan for viruses, before installing.

Does downloading games to your PC give it a virus?

couldnt possibly answer that unless i knew where you were downloading from? internet is more likely. if its from a cd-rom then chances are it wont have any viruses on.

Does frostwire put viruses on your computer?

Any of these downloading progs can put viruses on your computer especially through the Gnutella P2P Program network. Very dangerous and illegal.

Why is limewire cancelled?

Limewire is under a court order dated october 26, 2010 to stop distributing the limewire software. A copy of the injunction can be found here. Limewire llc, its directors and officers, are taking all steps to comply with the injunction. We have very recently become aware of unauthorized applications on the internet purporting to use the limewire name. We demand that all persons using the limewire software, name, or trademark in order to upload or download copyrighted works in any manner cease and desist from doing so. We further remind you that the unauthorized uploading and downloading of copyrighted works is illegal.

Assuming a person owns an lp and instead of trying to convert the songs on the lp to mp3 to record on a CD the person downloads the songs via LimeWire is this illegal?

Downloading any copyrighted material from Limewire is legal no matter if you already own it or not.

Will you get virus downloading fusion fall?

No, if you download FusionFall, it will not give you a virus. CartoonNetwork, which made and supports the game, is a large gaming community, and does not have any viruses in any of its downloadable games, such as trojans or spyware. I have been using FusionFall for a couple of years, and I have experienced no viruses. Sources: Long-time Experience

What are some good websites to go to for downloading Maplestory?

I would recommend only using the official maplestory website, any other website could give your computer unwanted hacking programs or viruses.

Is downloading TV shows on LimeWire illegal?

Answer your own quesiton, is the show aware of the download, and/or are they getting any royalties from it. It is a resounding no. So, yes it would be illegal.

Does the mo' creatures mod on minecraft have any viruses?

I have Mo'creatures on my minecraft... so far no bugs :) I hope this helps. The viruses sometimes comes from bad downloads, so be careful downloading

What are antivirus appliances used for?

Antivirus applications are used to stop hackers from downloading viruses and malware onto your computer. They can also be used to remove any viruses that have been put on your computer.