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Will you get in trouble with the law if you move out at 17?

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As of July 1st,2006 You have to be 18 to move out and your parents can not through you out.This is in the state of Georgia.I think alot more of the states are changing there laws to this too. Check your laws in your state on the internet it will tell you your new laws.We have crazy laws now days its ok to get married in the state of Georgia at 16 or 17 with parents consent unless your pregant then you can get married in the state of Georgia without your parents consent

2006-07-19 11:49:16
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How can you move out being 16 or 17 without getting into trouble?

If you live in London you can move out of your parents home as then you are an adult and the law says that you can do it also.You should NOT get into trouble as then you are adult (if you live in u.k) and your parents should let you go. (human rights)

How old do you have to be to move out without getting in trouble with the law in Georgia?

No your wrong its 18 but with an emancipation you can move out at age 16 or you can have a family member let you move in with your parents permission before getting an emancipation at age 16.

You are 17 reside in Delaware can you get in trouble for moving out of your parents house?

Yes, you can get in trouble for moving out at the age of 17. You must have your parents permission before you move out.

Can you move out your house at 17 without getting in trouble in Florida?


Where do you go to get the law that states a person who is 17 can move out?

You are assuming that there is a law that says that a 17 year old can move out. There isn't such a law. Until you reach the age of majority in your state, you are the responsibility of your parents.

What all options do you have to move out at the age of 17 and not get in any trouble?

Legally? You don't.

Can a 17 move out of his parents house without parent consent?

No you have to be 18 and graduated out of high school to be able to move out with out parental cosent because until then if your parents called the cops you could be in a butt load of trouble with the law...

You are 17 and you turn 18 in September How do you move out with out getting in trouble in California?

No, you cannot move out at 17 years of age. You'll have to wait until you are 18 in California.

In Florida can a 17 year old move out of her parents houe without getting in trouble?


Will the parents of a 17 year old child get in trouble for letting them move out?

No. My friend is 12 and shes gonna move out at 16.

In the state of Georgia can you move in with your boyfriend and his father without any trouble with the law?


How old do you have to be to move out without getting in trouble with the law in Texas?

18 years old.

Can a 17 year old leave home in the state of Nevada without getting in trouble with the law?

The Age of Majority in the State of Nevada is 19. So technically, a 17 year old cannot leave home without getting in trouble with the law.

If you move out at 17 can your parents still get into trouble if you do?

No. Stop worrying. Enjoy life. Respect your parents.

Can a 17 yr old in mo move out and live where they want without getting others in trouble?


Since I'm 16 and turn 17 in September can i move out without getting into trouble in Georgia?

No, you can't move out until age 17 in Georgia (and you can't be kicked out until age 18).

If you are 17 and pregnant by your 18 year old boyfriend can you move out of your house with him without you or him getting in trouble?

yes you can

Texas law on moving out at 17?

You can't move out at 17 without parental permission. In Texas you must be 18.

Can an abused 17 year old move out at the age of 17 in South Carolina?

Yes. If it is a 17 year old they can move out because the law dectakes that if you are 16 or over you can get married,havechildren'moveout ect.

Can someone move out of there house at the age of 17 and not get in any law trouble in the state of Indiana if they have parental permission?

i have heard many things from alot of people. I am going to be 17 in September and want to move out with my 22 year old boyfriend and i also stay in the state of Indiana. People are telling me that you can leave if you are 17 as long as you let your parents know where you are, while others are telling me that you have to be 18. In the state of Indiana i have no idea what the laws are, but in Michigan i know for a fact that you can leave at 17 and not get into any trouble. The law clearly states that you are a minor until you turn 18. You would more than likely have to be in school though and have a proper place to stay.

I'm 18live in Florida me and my boyfriend are planing to move together he's not 18 yet..he's 17. I'm old enough and wont have any trouble with the law..but can he get in trouble?

umm... You would be an adult and he would be a minor. That would make you at fault for everything.

I am 17 and i love a 14 year old girl and she is pregnant can i get in trouble?

If yew are turning 18 any time soon you will get in trouble. Not just by her parents but by the law. Sorry =[

Can your boyfrend get in trouble if you move in with him at 17?

That will depend on your age and were you are. In some states it would clearly be illegal, particularly if you are younger.

Can you move out of your house in Kentucky at the age of 17 and move into an apartment with your boyfriend who is 18 without getting into trouble?

If you are within 5 months of turning 18 you can move out and your parnets can't do nothing about it.

What is the Georgia law for a 17 year old teenager moving out?

A 17 year old can't move out in the state of Georgia without a parents consent. If the 17 year old is married they can then move out since they are considered to be an adult.