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It depends on why your skin was peeling in the first place.

Almost always - it can take a few weeks. though. The exception is if you were badly burned to the point that scarring occurred. It basically depends on the cause of the peeling, viz. sunburn, chemical peeling, etc.

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Q: Will you get your normal skin color after peeling?
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Is it normal that the skin after your peeling is lighter than your original skin color and somehow close to pink?

Yes. After all, you are literally peeling your tan off. Also, you can look forward to getting skin cancer when you are older. USE SUN TAN LOTION!!!

How do you know when your tattoo is healed?

You know your tattoo is healed once the skin is no longer peeling and skin color returns to normal. If it is itching or has raised bumps then it is not fully healed.

What is the cause of your dogs nose changing color from black to white?

maybe its skin is peeling...

Your tortoises skin is peeling is that ok?

It is normal for there skin to peel but it may be worth giving them a warm bath to check they are not dehydrated.

What is the normal color of a vagina?

The inside is pink. The outside his her normal skin color

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Is peeling skin of bad?


What is the reason behind cuticles peeling and ripping skin from around your nails?

Your skin can become soft and can just peel away do not worry it is normal

What does good skin look like?

Usually regular color, clean clear, not peeling, little oil

Difference between paring and peeling?

The difference is that peeling is removing a skin that you can remove with your hands - such as an orange - and paring is removing a skin with an instrument such as peeling a potato with a peeler.

How do you treat skin peeling?

keep your skin clean and washed and moisturized is the best way to reduce peeling.

How do you get your skin color back to normal once you change your skin color with a crayon?

You just go to another island and you'll find your skin back to normal.

Your dogs skin is changing color is this normal?

A change in skin color is not normal. What is causing the color change depends on what color it is changing to. For example a dog with liver disease can have a yellow discoloration of the skin while a skin allergy could cause the skin to turn red.

What is the normal color of skin?

The normal color of a person's skin depends on the person and to some degree, their race. Even then, skin color ranges from very light to very dark in most races.

What is the skin of an apple called?


Which 2nd Green Jingleheimer is the lighter normal skin color like me?

My green sidekick Joel Gillespi has the same normal skin color like me!!

How do you peel a snake's skin?

they clean their skin by peeling it off

Is skin peeling bad for you?

nah as long as its not to much skin

Is it normal for your vagina to be red?

yes its normal. its very normal for your vagina to be a different color then your skin.

Can skin peeling cause stretch mark?


How do you stop peeling?

To stop peeling, put apple cider vinegar on your skin. You can also just use a very potent moisturizer on your skin.

Why is the skin on your balls peeling?

If the "skin" layer on your basketball is peeling, it may be time to get a new basketball. This usually means the ball is worn out and damaged.

What will be the color of the skin after 5minutes run?

it will turn to it normal condition.

If you have a cartilage growth on the tip of your nose and the skin is stretched so it's white will your skin adjust back to its normal color and appearance and how long will that take?

yes your skin will go back to its normal color because it will just be for a while and then come back to its normal color and that will take a month.

Would olive oil cure peeling skin?

Olive oil will not cure peeling skin. Try Coconut oil. It is all natural and heals most skin problems.