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I'm no doctor, nor a nutritionist, but logic can answer this one. Whether your body goes into a "starvation mode" depends on HOW MUCH, or how little fruits and vegetables you consume. I think that if the caloric intake were adequate, then you would not starve. However, here may be health and nutrition issues, as a result of having no animal protein in your diet. I understand that there are certain combinations of vegetable protein, used in the proper amount and PROPORTION, which will substitue for the animal protein. j3h

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What can you do to have a healthy lifestyle?

eat fruits, vegetables, and exercise

How do you speed up menstrual cycle?

Exercise and eat fruits and vegetables.

How do you get a skinny chest?

You should eat more fruits and vegetables. Here's what I did to lose 50 pounds. I only drank water, ate fruits, vegetables, and fish. I also exercised for 30 minutes a day. With a good planned diet and exercise routine, you can burn off the excess fat in no time!

Is high cholesterol hereidy?

It can be, but that doesn't mean that exercise and eating fruits and vegetables won't lower it.

How can you prevent being fat?

exercise and have more water.avoid fatty fresh fruits and vegetables.

What can you do if you are obese?

If you are obese you can exercise and eat the healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and you should try to move a little. What I mean by that is to exercise once a day

Are vegetables fruit or vegetables?

vegetables are vegetables and fruits are fruits its just the way life works :)

What helps you to become more fit?

eat lots of whole grain and fruits and vegetables and exercise on a daily

How do get fat?

If you eat a bunch of of junk food or a bunch of vegetables you need to exercise. Eat more of fruits

What elements are in fruits and vegetables?

fruits: seeds vegetables: no seeds

Are fruits or vegetables healthier?

Botanically some fruits and vegetables are dont healthy otherwise all fruits and vegetables are healthier.

Fruits and vegetables slogan contest?

kindergarten concerts on fruits and vegetables

Are cucumbers fruits of vegetables?

They are fruits, but for culinary purposes are treated as vegetables

What fruits or vegetables produce insulin?

Fiber containing fruits and vegetables

Do fruits and vegetables have fat?

ARE YOU DUMB? vegetables and fruits don't have fat

How do you lose 1kg every day without exercise?

Exercise alot. Drink alot of water. Eat only fruits and vegetables. And pray to God to help you.

How would it be like to have a balanced health triangle?

will,you will have to be able to balance perfectly, and you will have to eat proper foods,(such as fruits and vegetables) and you will have to exercise for about 15 minutes to about onehour and have enough sleep.maybe you could ask a doctor for more information.

Are all vegetables fruits?

No vegetables are fruits have botanical differences. However many fruits such as pumpkins and cucumbers are often called vegetables because they are often used as vegetables.

Which fruits or vegetables contain vitamins?

All the fruits and vegetables contain vitamins. It's just that some fruits or vegetables have more vitamins than others. Fruits have lots of Vitamin C and vegetables have Vitamin A.

Are strawberries fruits or vegetables?


Are apples fruits or vegetables?


Seeds are inside fruits and vegetables?

Only fruits have seeds. Vegetables don't.

What are citrus fruits and vegetables?

Please show a list of citrus fruits and vegetables

Is fiber in grains vegetables and fruits?

its mainly in grains, but there is fiber in vegetables and fruits

Why is it best to buy fruits and vegetables in season?

Fruits and vegetables are fresh.there is no pesticide in it.

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