Wipers intermittent fuse 92 Honda Prelude?

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The 1992 Honda Prelude intermittent wiper fuse is located in the fuse box. The fuse box can be found in the engine compartment, behind the battery box. The location of the fuse is listed on the inside cover of the fuse box.
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How do you change the high beams on a 92 Honda Prelude Si?

Answer . Pull the turn signal arm towards you.. Answer . \n^^what?.. open the hood, unclip the connector into the plug holding the bulb. twist the plug and pull out of headlight housing. replace with new bulb/plug, and turn to lock in place. clip the plug back in. test it out. try not t ( Full Answer )

Is there an ignition switch adjustment for the 92 buick skylark that would allow the radio and windshield wipers to work They're intermittent with jiggling of the key?

Answer . \nIm not sure , I have often asked myself the same question as my wipers are the same and half the darn time they dont work. The radio problem was gotten around by directly wiring it into the cigarette lighter, works great just remember to turn it off before leaving the car.\n. \nFriend ( Full Answer )

Is there a separate relay or fuse for the intermittent delay for the wipers on a 97 jetta your hi and lo wipers work but not the delay?

Answer . the delay on jetta wipers is different. the delay is adjustable. if someone set the delay very long, you will think the delay is not working. here's how to shorten the delay. turn the wipers to delay (one click DOWN on the stalk). immediately turn it back off and now turn it back on ( Full Answer )

Where is the intermittent wiper switch and how do you replace it?

Answer . The intermittent wiper switch for your front winshield wipers is located. on your turn signal stalk - which is just part of the multi-function switch.. When mine started acting up I took it to the dealer and let them change. it.

What would cause a 1988 Honda Prelude to shut off intermittently and then be turned on again after a few momments yet the power seems like it is cutting out?

Answer . It could be that your fuel filter needs to be replaced. Your fuel pump will build up pressure when the car is not running and will charge the line enough to allow the car to run for a while but the filter reduces the amount of fuel flow and starves the engine of fuel.\n. \n. \nI had t ( Full Answer )

Need to know where the 80a fuse for a 92 Honda Accord goes to?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nThere's a big honkin' hole left over when you remove the old one, and it needs to be held in with two small bolts. It's in the fuse box located on the passenger side of the engine compartment. The 80A fuse, I believe, is the hole closest to the front of the car (The r ( Full Answer )

I need new engine in your 92 Honda prelude Is it worth spending 500 more for a 200hp vtec engine rather than the stock?

Answer . That depends on what you plan on using the vehicle for. If you drive with a lead foot, it may be worth it. It also depends on the state of the rest of the vehicle. If you need major body work or other serious repairs, it probably isn't worth it. You may have to upgrade the transmiss ( Full Answer )

Fuse for AC for 92 Honda accord dx?

pop the hood, and look on the passenger side upper corner. There is a black box for fuses, and it will be in there.

Wipers is there a fuse in a 92 Crown Victoria?

No. There is not a "fuse" for the wipers. There is, however, a "circuit breaker" located in the fuse box under the the driver's side of the dash. Part # D9AZ 14526C.

Where is the brake light fuse for 92 Honda accord?

Under the hood in the fuse box next to the passenger hood hinge. It is #42 and labeled "Stop & Horn", NOT BRAKE! It is a 20 amp fuse. Before looking for this fuse, test your horn. If it beeps then the fuse is NOT blown! If the fuse is good and the brake lights still don't go on, test the brake light ( Full Answer )

Will a Honda 92-96 prelude transmission fit a 1999 accord?

yes it will, but you have to buy alot of parts, including transmission, mounts, linkage,ecu, and of course the engine.. you can drop a b16 tranny and it will give you better performance short shifts !!!

Is a 92 Honda Prelude SH a 2.3L and awd?

Umm, first of all.... your prob. thinking of the all wheel steering prelude.... its like the warthog in HALO.... and yes it is a 2.3L.... 93 and on came with the vtec option, till 97-01 when it was standard..... also the TypeSH prelude came out in 97-01..... the base models for those years had 190hp ( Full Answer )

Where are the fuses on a 85 Honda prelude?

The fuses on an 85 Honda Prelude are located in the panel near thehood release and under the hood. The main fuse box is locatedagainst the firewall in the engine compartment.

Honda accord windshield wiper fuse?

You may need to change your windshield wiper fuse in your HondaAccord if your wipers stop working. The fuse is located in the fusepanel box on the driver's side of the car on the left side of thesteering wheel. Some are located under the steering wheel.

Intermittent wiper relay?

The intermittent wiper relay is helpful when only a light rain ormist is present. It causes the wiper motor to only operate onceevery few seconds.

Honda Passport Intermittent wiper relay location?

Behind the passenger's kick panel. Remove glove box, look inside, right side there are 2 control units: lower one is smaller with green socket - it's alarm and hands free unit, upper one with two white sockets is what you need.

What seal is best to use for a quick fix on a head gasket in a 92 Honda prelude?

none, you want to get it replaced, this is the most critical gasket because it prevents specs of dust and foreign objects(antifreeze) in the places it needs to be. If you use something like silicon you just increase the chances of silicon getting into you're engine and tearing everything to shreds.

What engine do you have in 92 Honda Prelude?

it depends on the model, if its just the s model it has a H22, a 2.2l SOHC, but the si model has the H23, the 2.3l DOHC, however the h22 is vtec while the h23 isnt, if you are looking at a stock lude anyways.

How do you fix a leak behind the oil filter housing on a 92 Honda prelude?

The piece behind the oil filter is an oil cooler I believe. My 92 prelude had the same problem. There is a O ring behind the oil cooler. To remove the oil cooler, first remove the oil filter. Now follow the threads back on where the oil filter screws on, there should be a large bolt. The bolt o ( Full Answer )

Honda Prelude 92 engine light flash?

When a check engine light appears on a 1992 Honda Prelude dashboardit means the ECU is get an abnormal reading on one of theautomobiles functions. Use a diagnostic tool to flash the ECU andfind the problems associated the car. The flash will also turn offthe check engine light.

How do you slimjim a 92 prelude?

You take the slimjim out of its wrapper, take a bite, open the phonebook and call a locksmith. SNAP INTO A SLIM JIM!

Proper size windershield wiper blades for 1992-1996 Honda prelude?

The 1992-1996 Honda Prelude takes 22" driver side and 19" passenger side replacement windshield wiper blades. Note, when buying wipers be sure to always lookup your vehicle make, model and year in the application guide book at the store, or now-a-days you can Google 'lookup wiper size'.