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You must inform the ex and both of you should go the court house and see the judge that made the first decree and get permission. The person that wants to leave the country needs to do the right thing, for the child. I think anything over state lines can be considered kidnapping with out consent.

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Can you move to another country with your child I have primary custody?

you can,but you have to get permission from court.

How do you temporarily give up custody to my pregnant teen?

Well, You could just give her sole custody, wait, and then get her to give you sole custody. I am just guessing

Can an ex wife move with children to another country after a divorce?

If she has won legal custody, then yes.

Can your daughter go to another country with out your permission?

It depends on whether she is a minor or an adult, and if she is a minor, your custody situation.

what country does mona lisa live in?

in custody of France but she is dead now

I have sole custody of my daughter so can I take her to live in another country without her father's consent?

He can still file an injunction

Can you move to another country with your child if you have primary joint custody?

The term "primary joint custody" is contradictory. Primary (or sole) custody means one parent has full rights of decision as to the care of the child, including education, medical treatment, etc. Joint custody means parents share equal rights in major decisions such as moving the child to another state or country. One parent cannot legally take such action without the other's consent or without permission of the court.

Im 17 years old and my mother wants to deport me even though im a resident can she deport me?

Unless you have a parent or another person that wants custody of you in another country, no.

Can you relinquish custody of a child to the state?

yes, you can in most states you can contact state agency and say you would like to give up custody of your child either permenantly or temporarily but you would probably have to follow a case plan of some sort to get custody back

Do you get fed while in basic training?

Yes. You are in the custody of the US government and they will provide your meals and housing while in basic training.

Does the father need the mothers consent to visit another state with son?

Not unless you are in a custody battle. It is only if you are going out of the country that you need consent

If a child is removed from father's home During a visit for drugs and placed temporarily with a family member and the mother comes and takes him home to another state will the mother get in trouble?

Yes, as an official change of custody has not yet taken place.

Can you go on vacation out of the country with your daughter if you have full custody?

yes if you have full custody you dont have to consult your ex.

If you do not have joint custody can one parent take the child to another country without the other parent's consent?

No, as the signature of both parents are required for the passport.

Can a father who has joint custody with the mother stop her from visiting another state?

Can a father who has joint custody with the mother stop her from visiting another state with the child

How do you get custody of another family members child?


Can you remove a child from another state if you have joint custody?

No, you cannot move a child out of state if you have joint custody.

What is the difference between temp guardianship and permanent guardianship?

temporary guardianship means that you temporarily have custody and control of the kid(s) and it has been ordered by the court. Permanent guardianship means that you now have indefinite custody of the kid(s)

Can i get custody when the child lives in another country?

The recent case involving Brazil was the only successful case, out of several hundred such cases, in the last ten years.

You were deported and child custody was given to father can you still get custody?

You would need approval to return to the country to file a challenge.

Can you move in with another parent who does not have custody?

No. see link

Can i take my kid out of the country?

It depends. If you have sole custody, go for it. If you have joint custody, you have to have the permission of the other guardian; you can get a signed note, it's fine. If you don't have custody at all, no, you can't.

If mother has physical custody of the child who has the authority to make burial decisions?

The party with legal custody makes the decision. Physical custody is another matter between the parties. Many couples have joint custody with physical custody to the mother. Whoever has legal custody has the right to make important decisions.

Can you get custody when the child lives in a different country?

You have a chance to it but it also depends on what country, circumstances etc.

Can ex boyfriend get custody if mother moves out of country?

It has to be done before the move. Once out of the country, he's pretty much screwed as only one country honors foreign custody awards for fathers, Cuba. see link