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With an auto repo or charge-off on your credit are your joint assets with a new husband safe?


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2015-07-17 17:33:24
2015-07-17 17:33:24

Depends on your state laws. Check with a local attorney. I would think the worst they could do is attach the assets so that when you go to sell, they get paid first.

Wendy, once a lender runs your SS#, the judgment will show up. Its possible you might still get the loan but at a much higher interest rate. That higher interest rate will cost you much more than 6K over 30 yrs. It would be much cheaper to offer 3K CASH to settle the jeep deal and get it over with. Why not offer $2500 CASH to the lender to release you from the judgment??

Depends on how old it is. From your info about 5 years ago? If so, I would go ahead and get the loan together and when it falls off do a refinance and that will establish a record of on time paying and will get you that lower rate. But remember if some one calls asking for you, maybe by your old name, do not acknowldge it is you because when it get close to the statute of limitations date, usually 7 years, they will try to find you. If you say it you and confirm the unpaid loan, this will start a new 7 years to collect the debt, even though it off you credit report.

Oops, I was wrong on the years for SOL, here mis an excellent link.


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If you have joint accounts that have been open and active in the past 7-10 years, your husband has a credit history. Credit history has nothing to do with the status of his employment.

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The important step is to open an estate. The executor of the estate will deal with the debts and assets. If the debts are joint responsibility, they won't go away.

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If it is a joint account. probably not.

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No, but if arrears exist, joint assets and credit may be affected.

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Yes, as long as your listed as a "Co-signer" on the account. Credit is not build if you are just an "Authorized User" if this was a credit card account. Lastly, this all assumes that whatever this joint-account is that it reports to credit.

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