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With what army did George Washington receive his military training?


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March 26, 2014 1:18AM

Washington was a young officer in the Virginia Militia during the time of the French and Indian War. In fact, in come circles, he is credited with starting the French and Indian War. Still, he distinguished himself in the retreat following the attack on Braddock's Expedition. He gathered the disorganized troops under his command, brought order out of chaos, and marched them to safety while fending off harassing attacks from the Native Americans attempting to pick off the Vanguard and the Rear Guard. Afterwards, he applied for a commission as an officer in the British Regular army and was rejected. It was this that made him realize that he would never be treated as a full fledged Englishman, and that the British would treat all Americans as second class subjects of the crown. That is why, later, he was eager to strive for independence from the British Crown.