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Would a faulty EGR valve cause a 2001 GMC Yukon to die at highway speed?

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Easy E.G.R. repairI've had problems with e.g.r system on my 00 Suburban, but never at highway speed. Cold start/stumble at idle. Remove the valve from intake and check for carbon build up inside it. Clean it with throttle body cleaner and reinstall with aftermarket gasket that has a mesh screen built into it that stops chunks of carbon from getting stuck in valve. Cheap and easy fix.


My 2002 Yukon XL (about 76,000 mi. at the time) Died at highway speed twice in the same trip from NC to MA I had a bad O2 sensor on the way to Myrtle Beach, had it replaced ($270 at a dealer ouch!)and on the way back to MA It died on me w/no warning, turns out it was restricted catalytic converters that had to be replaced (thank you 100,000 mile warranty)

Take your Yukon to the dealership and have them run the codes on there computer. they'll probably charge you about $75 bucks but it should tell you what was going on with your motor when it quit. and may save you allot of time and $$ in trial and error

2011-09-13 18:41:31
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