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Would an inline engine radiator heater 600W give you any type of decent heating for a 4400 gallon AGP hooked in the discharge line of the pump?

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2010-04-27 15:11:31

Kindly rephrase the question for more clarity. It looks like you

want to use an electric 600 watt radiator heater. Please, DO NOT

ATTEMPT THIS DUMB STUNT. How much do you value your life or that of

your family. I hope you have very good insurance coverage.

Electricity and water do not mix well.

The use of a bubble solar blanket would be far less costly in

terms of lives lost.


Disregard Ken's answer above. No, an inline radiator heater is a

120 volt device, designed to heat about 3 gallons of coolent. A

4,400 gallon pool would not be effected much at all by a radiator

heater. You need a pool heater designed for that purpose.

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