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I couldn't see it as I looked for it from the right front wheel well or looking under the front bumper, etc. I had to lay on a creeper and roll under the car. The filter is on the passenger side, near the front tire. It's easiest reached and unscrewed with a filter wrench. The filter wrench is available in a parts store and is shaped to fit like a cap over the top of the filter. It is about three inches in diameter, about an inch deep and has 15 flats around its circumference to grab the flats on the top of the filter. It has a 3/8" square hole in the top to accomodate a 3/8" ratchet wrench. You'll need to use a 2" extension with the wrench in order to get the ratchet clear of the auto frame in order to turn it. Be prepared for a litte mess, because the oil that drips as you unscrew the filter will drip onto the frame.

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Q: Would anyone know where they would hide the oil filter on a 94 Lincoln Continental?
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