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unlikely. but such training would be helpful were you to get into such employment.....

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How can you use detective in a sentence?

you could write, when i get older i would like to be a detective or a police officer

What would be Taylor Swift's alternate career?

If Taylor Swift was not singing or songwriting she would be a forensic detective.

Why should an officer take criminalistics?

It would certainly be a career advancement move or a background for expanding your career horizons in another area.

What comes after detective?

Once a Police Officer has been promoted to Detective, he or she may thereafter be promoted to Police Lieutenant. There would be only one promotion left after Police Lieutenant.

What attachments would a USMC infantry officer have on his M16 or M4A1?

A light, a scope (telescopic sight) a laser targeting device (pointer/aimer) probably with infared option.

What is female police known as?

A Policewoman.Answer:A female police officer is a police officer. If her rank is known she should be addressed as Constable, Sergeant, Detective, Chief, etc. In conversation the use of ma'am would be appropriate.

How important is it to be bilingual when you are a detective?

Very important, just as it is as a patrol officer. Knowing a second language will make you a better officer and much more hireable and promotable to detective. Especially in areas where there is a high number of alternate language persons. I would say the most beneficial language currently would be spanish as the spanish speaking population is the fastest rising.

What would someone career title be who investigates serial killers?

Homicide detective works these cases as well as the FBI agents. A police profiler also works in these cases.

How would a juvenile turn themselves in to the police if there is no warrant out for them?

If they wish to 'own up' to an offense that they committed. they could simply go to the local police agency and ask to speak to an officer or detective (or a Youth Service Officer, if the department has one) and simply tell them about it.

What would be a good degree for a Police Officer to get that benefits and boost their career?

Business Management Police departments are businesses and knowing how to run it will benefit you greatly.

What is a proper noun for detective?

The proper noun for the common noun detective would be the title of or name of a specific detective, such as Detective Lennie Briscoe.

Name a fictional detective who makes spy work look like a lot of fun?

Inspector GadgetJames BondSherlock HolmesNancy DrewI would disagree, James Bond is a spy only not a detective,Inspector Gadget was initially a cartoon character, and not a spy.Nancy Drew is neither a spy or a detective, and Sherlock Holmes is an analyist rather than a detective, and was never a spy. A detective is usually a police officer, an individual can detect, but is not a detective, and a spy is someone who either works for a government or a company to get information.

What are the educational requirements for one to pursue an officer job?

To get a job as a probation officer, a person would need to obtain a degree in criminal justice making sure that the classes include sociology, community based corrections, and similar other courses that would prepare a person for the career.

What is your major if you an accountant?

If you are pursuing the career as an accountant, your major would be accounting.If you are pursuing the career as an accountant, your major would be accounting.If you are pursuing the career as an accountant, your major would be accounting.If you are pursuing the career as an accountant, your major would be accounting.If you are pursuing the career as an accountant, your major would be accounting.If you are pursuing the career as an accountant, your major would be accounting.

Do all felonies make you eneligible to be a police officer?

No, not all types of felonies make you ineligible to become a police officer. Most juvenile offenses cannot be carried over to stand in the way of a person pursuing a career in law enforcement. You can also choose to have a crime expunged from your record and would then be eligible to pursue this type of career as well.

How would you prepare for this career?

I would first find out what career it is then research it.

What is the amount of money army officers pay for clothes a week?

It's doubtful that any would buy uniform items on a weekly basis. An annual clothing allowance is given, but how much they actually spend would be a variable. An Infantry officer who is constantly in the field will go through uniforms faster than, say, an admin officer who works in an office every day.

Who has the best infantry?

depends on the type of infantry? and when if ww2 then would. be ranger's were often though of as early special forces they were trained by British commando's. but one thing to think about is the equipment they have is a big factor with any infantry unit

What US unit took the most casualties in World War 2?

If you mean which parts of the army, it probably would be The Marines. Other wise for divisions, it might be The 1st Infantry Division, 29th Infantry Division, 4th Infantry Division, 90th Infantry Division, and many other divisions.

What was Bernard Montgomery's legacy?

I am an American, so this is an American view (A Brit might well see it differently), but I would describe Monty's legacy as a career military officer whose early and mid career were marked by brilliant military leadership, and whose late career was marked by putting his foot in everything he tried to do.

Are the marines light infantry?

I would say no. The term light infantry implies mobility overland. Marine units of some countries may be designated as light infantry, but most marines today are primarily for the establishment of a beachhead. They move a short distance from ship to shore, not strictly infantry, and they are rather heavy.

Would you take a job as a security officer?

I wouldn't be interested in a job as a security officer because it often involves working nights. Also, depending on what you are guarding, it could be a dangerous job. I suppose the pay is good, but not good enough for me to consider a career in security.

What tactics did the ancient Persians use against heavy infantry?

They used missiles, tried to hold with their own lightly-armed infantry, while their cavaly tried to attack the armoured infantry from the flanks and rear. The armoured infantry would try to fight on broken ground to counter these cavalry attacks.

Would cavalry soldiers teach infantry tactics?

most likely no. because cavalry are horseback fighters and infantry are foot soldiers hope i helped!! :D

Would you be a good detective?

It depends n your mind state. Don't be a dirty detective be that detective that cares but cares enough to through someone in jail.

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