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The knee jerk response would be no, by the time you have let it go so far in the process that it has been sold in a sheriffs sale, it is now owned by someone else. In a practicle sense that is almost always true. You should have resolved the claims before the property was liqudated. It would certainly cost more to redeem it, if at all possible, now. In some states, depending on the type/reason for sheriff sale (a tax delinquency is a prime example), there is a period of redemption afterward. During this time, if you can pay the amounts required, that generally means all the accrued costs, interest and fees and value, that the successful bidder can demand, you may recover the property. If you are willing to pay the price AND have a lender willing to give you financing to do so, even after apparently defaulting on a prior obligation to pay, it is possible to essentially buy the property back. It is highly unlikely that you can find a lender willing to do so however and the property may not be worth the amount you would have to pay, and your interest cost prohibitive.

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Is it possible to get mortgage financing for an investment home?

Yes, it is possible to get mortgage financing for an investment home through almost any bank or mortgage lender. Most financial institutions have an application that is filled out, on it you are to select investment property; this way for legal purposes the bank and government know this will not be your permanent address.

How do I get home improvement financing?

Home improvement financing can be easily obtained from a number of institutions if your credit rating is up to par. I have obtained financing from my bank a few years ago. Just last year I had to get financing to have my storage shed rebuilt and I was able to do it at the home improvement store where I purchased what I needed. There are also many loan companies available to help with financing.

Can you buy a home with a civil judgment against you?

Yes, you can buy anything you want if you have the money. But you're probably asking whether you can get financing. An unpaid judgment is a black mark against your credit and would certainly make if very difficult to qualify for a home mortgage. It might be possible for you to get financing by placing enough money to cover the judgment in escrow. This can be done if, for example, you're appealing the judgment.

What is the purpose of home loan financing?

Home loan financing facilitates the purchasing or construction of a home. Most individuals cannot afford to purchase a home without the help of a loan as it is a very big financial investment.

How to get Good Housing Financing Options?

Due to low interest rates and low prices, now is a great time to buy a home.� While getting financing for the home purchase is more difficult than it was a few years ago, there are still ways to get housing financing. � A great way to get housing financing at competitive rates would be to put more money down.� Banks are weary of offering mortgages to people with low down payments.� To ensure that you get the best interest rate possible you should plan on putting down at least 20%.� Any less than this and you will pay a higher rate and PMI.�

Who pays the insurance on the home when its owner financing?

Property insurance is traditionally paid for by the buyer and is part of the mortgage financing contract. The property insurance is to cover the home and must name the mortgage financng entity as a co-insured mortgagee. It does not matter who does the financing.

How to Obtain Home Financing?

Due to the high rate of foreclosures over the past few years, banks have drastically cut down on their mortgage financing. While getting home financing is more difficult it was a few years ago, there are still ways to get good home financing options. When looking for a good home financing option you should plan on putting forth a sizable down payment. While banks a few years ago would have allowed a person to put forth a down payment of 5% or less, most banks now want their borrowers to put forth at least a 10% down payment and 20% down payment to get the best rates.

Where can one get financing on a mobile home?

Financing on mobile homes can be difficult to find at times but some local banks may offer financing on them. Some venues that offer financing are ING Direct, 21st Mortgage, and Financial Services Unlimited.

What type of financing is a reversible mortgage?

Reversible mortgage is a type of financing that allows you to turn the equity in your home into cash. As long as you continue to live in your home, you will never need to pay the money back.

What is owner financing a home?

Owner financing a home is a term that refers to the act wherein a person who wishes to buy a home contacts his/her bank to apply for a home loan (mortgate loan) in order to fund his purchase. The bank may finance around 80-90% of the home value (depending on the bank and country) and the owner would have to arrange funds for the remaining amount himself in order to buy the house.

What companies should I look at when considering home financing?

Start with the lender where you are an established customer. Many local lenders pride themselves on serving their customers' needs for home-related financing. Also, speak to your real estate agent for recommendations. The agents keep up with the latest offerings in home financing and cultivate connections that could be helpful.

What does owner financing homes mean?

The act of financing a home refers to the act of taking out a loan called a mortgage in order to buy a house to live in. Financing can be done through financial institutions like banks.

What is the first step in purchasing a new home?

The first step in purchasing a new home for most people is arranging financing. Without having a mortgage approved, it is hard to know how expensive of a home you can afford. Once you have attained financing, go ahead and look for your dream home.

Can home be refinanced after foreclosure with new bank?

Yes, although technically it would not be "refinanced" but rather "financed" because the foreclosure ended the earlier financing.

When do you have to leave your home if it is sold at sheriff autcion in ohio?


Who is the mysterious man brought home by mrs winterbottom?

a sheriff

Where can one find information on financing a Home Mortgage?

Information on financing a Home Mortgage could be found in two main places: online and in a bank. There is a lot of information on banking websites about home mortgage. A great site for information on this topic is the Home Loan Learning Center website.

Where can a person find information on home financing rates?

Home financing rates are often published online by the various banks and other companies that are offering deals on them. They can also be found in price comparison sites such as Gocompare and Comparethemarket.

If I want to invest in homes, what would the mortgage financing be?

You can use an online mortgage finaciing site that will calculate what you mortgage payment, closing costs and initial insurance costs would be for the home that you are looking at.

What is the best option for home financing?

Simply, the best option for home financing is applying for a mortgage through a bank. Although the interest rate might vary, it is recommended that you apply for a mortage through a trusted, well-known bank.

Where can one find a home financing loan?

One can find a home financing loan by contacting their personal bank such as Bank of America or BB&T. They may also contact different financial institutes online via their website.

Examples of long term financing?

home loan, educational loan, machinary loan

I am planning to sell a home and I am financing the purchase. The buyer seems to meet the requirement for a first time home buyer tax credit but I can't find out if owner financing will qualify. I would prefer to make the sale with a quit claim deed ?

As long as the deed will be in the buyer's name they will quailify for the credit. The credit is for anyone purchasing a home (for the first time. There isn't a financing requirement. So in theory if someone wanted to buy a home outright with all of their own funds, then they would still qualify for the credit. However, if the person is still unsure, they should check with their tax professional. In fact, I would put a stiuplation in the contract and/or mortgage that you are not guaranteeing that they will qualify for the first time home buyer tax credit. Because if for so reason they don't, you don't want them coming after you for the credit.

What is FHA financing?

The FHA program for financing home improvement is actually a group of programs that are offered by the U.S government to refresh the rundown of neighborhoods in cities across the United States.

Can you buy a home after filing bankruptcy if a mortgage was included in the bankruptcy?

Yes, but if you are still under a chapter 13 bk, you would need the court's permission. In any case, whether you would be able to get financing to purchase a home after filing bk- that is a whole other issue.