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Yes they will fit , but you will need to do a lot of bodywork and trim swap on the interior. You will be left with a gap where the 94's glass was down in the corner

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Why stained glass windows over clear glass windows?

Stained Glass Windows are much more of a sight to passers by, when walking past a church would you rather see coloured glass or clear glass? There's your answer.

Did early glass windows have to be turned regularly?

No. Why would they?

Why is lead used in stained glass windows?

Lead is used in stained glass windows to keep the different parts of the windows together otherwise it would all fall out

What purpose do stained glass windows serve?

Stained glass windows are used to depict images, usually thematic. e.g. In a church, there would be stained glass windows depicting stories from the Bible, in a college lecture hall, there could be stained glass windows depicting flora and fauna.

A person who fits glass on windows?

A person who fits glass on windows is a glazier.A GLAZIER fits windows with glass.GlazierA person who installs glass in windows is a glazier.

Why are glass windows called windows?

Glass windows are called windows because with the help of glass windows you can see the outside world even without open the window unlike the normal window.

When was Stained Glass Windows created?

Stained Glass Windows was created in 1948.

Why windows made of glass?

Windows are made of glass so that light can pass through it .

Stained glass windows were used for?

they used staind glass windows to keep the petifiles out

Can glass from windows be re-used as windows?

Yes, because glass can melt.

How would you describe the Empire State Building?

Very tall with glass windows.

What would most likely not be found in a log cabin home?

Glass Windows

What were stained glass windows?

Stained glass windows are windows made of elaborately colored glass that usually make a picture of some sort. They are mostly used in churches.

Why do you have glass windows?

Because glass windows are transparent, we can see outside without open it and also it is easy to clean glass windows as compare to other windows. It looks more attractive then the other ones.

Where do I find wholesale auto glass?

You can get windows in wholesale. To find wholesale auto glass, I would suggest you take a look at Wilson's Window and Repair Shop. They have the strongest windows for your car.

Where are stained glass windows in churches?

stain glass windows are in the back, front, and sides of the church

Are stained glass windows religious?

Yes, stained glass windows have a particular religious significance.

What do you call a person who fixes glass in windows?

I think the most proper name would be glazier, which is someone who installs and repairs glass.

Are vinyl windows better than glass windows?

No, they aren't. Vinyls windows are made to look colorful, as regular glass windows don't give any color other than what is coming in. I suggest going for glass.

What is in the glass used for car windows?

Silica glass

Which is material for bus window?

The material for most bus windows is toughened glassThe material for most bus windows is toughened glass

Do viking longhouses have windows?

No viking longhouses had windows. They would usually have an average of 5 windows-made of holes but not glass, as it would often only have a hole in the middle of the roof for smoke from fire to exit from.

Is gold used in windows?

Stained-glass windows, yeah; gold is used to make glass red.

When was Transparent Stained-Glass Windows created?

Transparent Stained-Glass Windows was created in 2002.

How do you install door glass n a 1966 impala?

Very carefully

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