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Since we cannot actually think for the Founding Fathers, we can probably interpret what they would think through the majority of events. Considering the socioeconomical and political devastation in America, I'm pretty sure the Founding Fathers would dislike the current situation. America was founded on the basis of life, liberty, and freedom. Modern America is comprised of racial indifference, labels, and overall inequality. Quite a disgusting shift from the initial plan.

AnswerWhile I agree that modern America does have problems with the things listed above, I have to argue that the large majority of Americans have more freedom than at the time of the founding. When Jefferson spoke of "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" he meant the life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for white, landed, 21 year old males. Throughout the history of the United States, our idea of who these ideals apply to. First, in the Jacksonian era, the common man was uplifted. Then, with the Civil War, the 13th-15th Amendments, and the Civil Rights Movement, people fought for and eventually won their liberty. Meanwhile, women fought for their idependence and right to vote and finally gained it in the 1920s with the 19th Amendment. Now, 18 year olds, are able to participate in the government that many of them fight and die for. However, we aren't there yet. The 2nd paragraph of the Decleration of Independence tells us who we want to be, it is the goal. But it is and never has been a reality. I think that Langston Hughs says it best in his poem "Let America Be America Again" when he says "Let America be America again, the land that never has been yet."
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Q: Would the Founding Fathers think America is being run the right way?
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What is one thing benjamin fraklin is famous for?

bifocal glasses being part of the Founding Fathers of America

What does it mean to be a founding father?

There is a difference between what being a "founding father" is, and being a framer of the constitution, as there were some of our founding fathers who were not at the Convention when the Constitution was formed.

What would you ask the founding fathers?

Why did you choose to sign the Declaration of Independence? Why are only 4 Founding Fathers really remembered, even though there was 14? Why did you choose to make the Declaration of Independence? These are several question that I would like to ask them and find some really good answers. I would also ask to hear some really good stories about what it was like being the founding fathers it would be, to me very interesting. I love hearing about stories. I wonder if they gossiped in their time. I wonder if they ever thought that America would turn out like this. I wonder if they thought that kids like me would be learning about them and doing this report.

What would happen if America lost that revolution war?

The soldiers that fought in the war would be killed by being tarred and featherd. George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, and Benjarmin Franklin (our four founding fathers) would have been hanged.

Man most responsible for the establishment of the system of government finance was?

Alexander Hamilton is credited with being significantly responsible for creating the system of government finance. Hamilton was one of America's Founding Fathers.

Who were the foudning fathers of America?

John Adams was one of the most influential founding fathers. George Washington, a founding father was one of the most unhappy at being involved, at all. He was most unhappy that a large part of the people wanted him to be king of America. Washington, appalled at the idea, pushed the name and position, "President", and of course, that turned out to be what was used. Jefferson, Franklin, Lee and others were very involved from the Declaration of Independence on. James Madison and his wife, Abby, were influential founding fathers (and mothers). Jlexander Hamilton, a great supporter of Washington, who later became Washington's vice president was a very influential and brilliant founding father.

Who pleaded for expanded rights for American women in the new government being designed by the founding fathers in 1776?

Abigal adams

How would you summarize Andrew Jackson?

Jackson reshaped the presidency by being the first president to declare the republic democratic which was exactly what the founding fathers were afraid of. He also was the first to declare he had a mandate from the people; as well as being a celebrity of the time.

What would have happened if king george 3 had allowed the American colonies representation in parliament?

I still think the revolution would have happened, our founding fathers were not just unhappy with taxation without representation but with being ruled by a country and king so far away, and that the resources collected here were used for the betterment of England not America.

Did the founding fathers fight in wars?

No they just helped to back up any wars being fought dealing with the sake of the united states.

What is sam Adams famous for?

Sam Adams is famous for being one of the Founding Fathers in the U.S. He lived in Massachusetts and was instrumental in the American Revolution.

What do you know about that The Founding fathers were deists?

There is no evidence to say that any of the Founding Fathers were Deists. They were strong believers in God as being the creator of this world, and once having created it he sent His son to give his saving message to all mankind. The Declaration of Independence came by way of inspiration from God.

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