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Would there have been a Civil War if slavery was abolished?

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2007-08-31 09:40:50

Yes there would have been a civil war because the Union

Government was pushing for certain issues that had nothing to do

with slavery. Even if the South would have won the civil war

slavery would have still ended. Slavery was just something brought

up in discussion of arguments on the Unions comments. And to make

note of something...if you read your history you will learn that

the majority of the south was poor and didnt own slaves anyway. So

slavery needs to be deleted as a reason the Civil War went on.

There are two aspects to be considered. Firstly, the reasons for

secession. These can best be referenced in the articles of

secession for the various states. Secondly, the reason for the

Union refusing to accept the secession. This can best be

appreciated from the reasons given by President Lincoln.

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