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Yes there would have been a civil war because the Union Government was pushing for certain issues that had nothing to do with slavery. Even if the South would have won the civil war slavery would have still ended. Slavery was just something brought up in discussion of arguments on the Unions comments. And to make note of something...if you read your history you will learn that the majority of the south was poor and didnt own slaves anyway. So slavery needs to be deleted as a reason the Civil War went on.There are two aspects to be considered. Firstly, the reasons for secession. These can best be referenced in the articles of secession for the various states. Secondly, the reason for the Union refusing to accept the secession. This can best be appreciated from the reasons given by President Lincoln.

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Q: Would there have been a Civil War if slavery was abolished?
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How different would the US be if slavery had not been abolished?

super different

How did slavery get abolished?

Slavery has not been abolished though some countries have made it illegal.

What may have caused a different result in the US Civil War if Missouri and Maryland had joined the Confederacy?

Slavery would have never been abolished. This is because Missouri and Maryland were overwhelmingly in support of slavery.

How had the civil war change the south?

When the North won the war the South had gotten demolished and slavery had been abolished

Did slavery start bc?

Slavery did start in BC. Slavery has been a part of civilization since the dawn of time. Slavery was abolished in the United States after the Civil War from 1861 to 1865.

How would our country would be different if slavery hadn't been abolished Give 2 examples?

if slavery was not abolished we would have slaves. Also we would have to work in other peoples houses and clean without being paid.

How would your country be different if slavery hadn't been abolished?

It would still be segrated and it would garsh for blacks.

Why and when slavery abolished?

Slavery has not been abolished, it still exists in some part of the world. Some countries have made it illegal.

When did the slavery exist?

slavery has been around for centuries the first recorded slaves were during roman times 500 BC. slavery was abolished in 1807 in England and in 1865 in America after the civil war.

Why did the British not support the confederacy during the civil war?

The British had abolished slavery earlier, and to back the South would have been unpopular. They dealt with the need for cotton by growing their own in Egypt.

What did African Americans do after the US Civil War?

Slavery may have been abolished, but there was still segregation and racism. African Americans fought to gain their civil rights as well as respect for their kind after the Civil War, and it would take them quite some time.

Did South Dakota allow black slaves?

No, South Dakota did not become a state until after the Civil War and slavery had been abolished by that time.

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