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In order to hear the music, you must download it.Downloading copyrighted music is illegal. So yes, you could get sued for "just listening to music."

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โˆ™ 2009-03-22 18:50:13
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Q: Would you get sued if you used LimeWire to only listen to music?
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If you don't share music on limewire but you just listen is that illegal?

Yes, but the RIAA has never sued anyone for downloading, only sharing. -DJ Craig

How does music impact social life?

You would be really surprised actually! The type of music you listen to changes the way you act. For example, if a person were to listen to only emo music for a long time, they would start to act emo because they are only exposed to that. Confusing stuff...

If you have LimeWire how do you backup the files so you can get rid of LimeWire but keep the music?

Just run the Limewire uninstaller. It won't delete the music. I can't think of any reason that deleting Limewire would delete your music. But if you want to make sure, just copy all of your music onto a different hard drive or a different computer, and then disconnect that hard drive/computer. Or if you only have one computer with one hard drive, you could encrypt your music library. you should go to the file on the limewire application and then open my documents in a new window then just drag and drop the files

What kind of music do they listen to in Greece?

The same music we listen to in America only it's in a different language

What software that can erase the singer voice or erase only the music?

IN LIMEWIRE YOU CAN DOWNLOAD A MUSIC AND YOU CAN ALSO ERASE MUSIC Improved Answer: Unfortunately I don't know how to do this, but that answer doesn't answer the question. Limewire is a software that is used to download music for free (IT'S ILLEGAL).

Why do some Christians only listen to gospel music?

Some Christians prefer to listen to hymns and gospel music because they don't like the lyrics to many secular songs. I'm a Christian but don't only listen to Christian music I listen to secular music as well as Christian. It is a personal preference.

What is the difference between ipods and radios?

on an ipod, you can listen to radio music or your own music, play games, and more but a radio can only listen to music

What kind does china listen to music?

they listen many kind of music. no only listen Chinese music,but also Americans. also listen to other countrys music i am a Chinese from china. so i knows it.

Can you listen to music on Mars?

Only if you bring your own.

What would happen if you didn't listen to music anymore?

Well if I didn't listen to music anymore, I'd go INSANE cause like, MUSIC = LIFE :OWhile music is something wonderful to many people , not listening to it would only allow more time to listen to the rest of the environment. And you would be more aware of your surroundings.

Are all music downloads bad for your computer?

no not all. only ones that carry viruses like limewire.

Is it OK to Listen to Seal's music and you are only 10?


What do the people in Morocco listen to?

The young people listen to western music, like hip hop, rap, pop, techno and stuff like that. The old people listen to traditionsl Arabic music. Only some yound moroocans listen to Arabic music and acutlley enjoy it

How many people listen to Rock music?

Studies show that only 18% of teens listen to rock music today. The other 82% are now listening to pop music and rap.

How do you listen to music at school?

You can listen to music at school using earphones that will be connected to your preferred device like a MP3 player, iPod, phone and so on. You should only listen to music during free time and not while class is in session.

What kind of music can one listen to on the Ok Go website?

The kind of music one can listen to on the Ok Go website is their music. Not only do they have their songs and albums on there, but remixes and a variety of other media types such as music videos.

Is rock music bad?

No! why would you ever think that?! well, only if you listen to it too loudly. but i swear, that's it. its not bad. emo is

How do most people get their music in the 1800s?

The only way to get music then was to listen to it live at a concert, or to purchase sheet music and play it yourself.

How do you find out when LimeWire is full?

LimeWire is never "full." The music files you download are stored on your hard drive, usually in your Shared folder. Thus, the only limit to the number of songs you can download is the capacity of your hard drive.

Why does older music sound so good compared to modern music?

Better quality and better music This would also depend on opinion. Usually the only people that like modern music better are children and teenagers. What happens is the younger folk listen to the newer music, and parents say "How can you listen to that, it's awful!" It's just a fact.

N-dubz famous in America?

In America, the people only listen to American music. On the other hand, In the U.K people listen to music from both North America and U.K.

What kind of music do Australians play?

Australians only listen and play digerydoos they have no idea about other forms of music.

Is it illegal to listen to leaked music?

Yes it is but the one who leaked the music only gets in trouble. The viewers are fine.

Is it illegal to put music on a site if it will not be download-able only listen-able?


Want to listen to free music online by Carroll roberson only?


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