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Both men and women can cheat and if there is a will there is a way, but you know your boyfriend better than anyone else, so if his traits are good ones, I highly doubt he's cheating. Whether we like it or not we just have to take a chance on trusting our mates and vice-versa for them. Until you actually catch him cheating then you leave well enough alone. Since he comes over the next day I think this is a good healthy relationship. He has every right to see his buddies for an evening and I suggest you take this opportunity to go out with some of your girlfriends. It's healthy to not want to be around each other every waking moment, and reaching out to friends on occasion. I don't really see he's doing anything wrong. Marcy If you are never included in any kind of social event, etc..., then more than likely, he is cheating. If you see that he is separating you from his "friends", then he IS cheating. Guys who have good intentions will not isolate you--so, if he always goes out without you, then there's a reason why...even if he "sees" you the next day. If he is practically never with you than just dump him but if he just wants to hang out with his friends don't get all paranoid or you'll freak him out and he'll dump you.

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Q: Would you suspect your boyfriend of cheating on you if he likes going out with his guy friends a lot or he spends a lot of time with them but he still comes and gets you the next day?
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How do you know you're boyfriend isn't cheating on you?

A loyal boyfriend can be recognized in any way. He spends most of the time with you is the major sign that he is not cheating.

Your best friend got pregnant with your boyfriend what shall you do?

Tell your best friend she is a slag, but stay friends with her because Friends come first but dump your cheating boyfriend unless he spends loads on you shallow but who cares Kelly Clarkson Rockz Tell your best friend she is a slag, but stay friends with her because Friends come first but dump your cheating boyfriend unless he spends loads on you shallow but who cares Kelly Clarkson Rockz Tell your best friend she is a slag, but stay friends with her because Friends come first but dump your cheating boyfriend unless he spends loads on you shallow but who cares Kelly Clarkson Rockz

Signs to tell you if you boyfriend is cheating on you?

he lies he hides his phone, gets upset when you look at it doesnt want to have sex, or not as much spends less time with you spends more time with friends and possibly girls doesnt care as much talks to you with disrespect

How do you know your boyfriend isn't cheating?

if your boyfriend is cheating you he wont wanna spend time wit you because that means he is with another girl. but if he spends every waking moment with you he is not. hope that helps. tacos rule!!!!!!! dont forget and pass it on

What does it mean when your boyfriend spends more time with his friends than you?

maybe he just wants his friends to know that he has a girlfriend , but he really does not like you.

How can you tell if your boyfriend is cheating on you or has lost interest?

If he spends less time with you is or is showing up to late one dates and is mostly cancel's them alot

What does it mean when you dream your boyfriend is cheating on you?

Humans dream every half hour to release the body from the days stress and the dreams one remembers are just a few seconds before the person is totally out of REM sleep (deep sleep.) The subconscious can often be the cause of a strange dream such as you dreaming your boyfriend is cheating because you could have heard one of your girlfriends mention her boyfriend was cheating; you could have seen a scene in a movie where someone was cheating or, you have been stressed out wondering if he really is cheating. So dreams cannot always be counted on. If your boyfriend is good to you and spends most of his time with you then it is highly unlikely he is cheating on you.

What are signs that your boyfriend is cheating on you if you are in a long term relationship?

If he spends a lot of time away from you or won't answer your calls, or if he isn't romantically or physically attracted to you as he was in the very beginning.

How do you tell a boyfriend that you don't like his friends?

First mak sure you are not jealous of the time he spends with them. Make sure the friends are not jealous of you. If his friends are mean to you , or rude, or flirting with you, just tell him.

How do you tell if your man is not cheating?

Your man is not cheating if he is spending quality time with you. No one spends it if he is not serious/

If a guy is cheating on his girlfriend does he like the girl that he is cheating on with his girlfriend?

maybe, maybe not.If he spends more time with the girl he is cheating on.

Why do you get mad when your boyfriend who spends all his time with you hangs out with his friends for once why are you so jealous?

Because you are 16 and have not developed a sense of self. Once that happens they are glad you leave with your friends once in a while.

C can you tell if your girlfriend isn't cheating on you?

Yes you can tell this just by her behavior. If she likes you and spends more time with you, she isn't cheating.

What should you do if your boyfriend spends more time with his friends and rarely talks to you?

This probably means that he wants to break up with you, but doesn't want to hurt your feelings. Just confront him about it.

How do I if know my boyfriend really loves me?

If your boyfriend includes you in family outings and spends a lot of time with you, he cares.

What does it mean when your boyfriend's guy friend dominates his time?

it means your boyfriend spends most of his time with his guy friend.

Why am i so mad at your boyfriend when he hangs with his friends i hate it when hes with them when im home alone and could be with him all though he spends all his time with me whats wrong with me?

Cause you are jealous that he's hanging out with his friends and not you. Discuss this with him in a NICE way

My boyfriend spends too much time with his friends?

Try talking to him concerning how this makes you feel and see if you can't come to an agreement that you can have time with him as well as he has his time with his friends which is when you spend time with your or doing what interests you. There has to be a compromise and if he not willing to do that then maybe you are going to have to rethink your relationship.

What does Katy Perry do in her spare time?

Spends time with friends

Jealous of boyfriend's friends?

are your boyfriend friends females? if so, tell him that you don't think it's right that he is friends with females since it makes you feel uncomfortable and you think it will cause problems. if his friends are males and you are jealous of them because he spends all his time with them and is hardly with you, tell him that you think he should spend more time with you. in either case, if he really cares about you he will do what he has to do to make you feel better. if he says he doesn't care and that he will keep doing what makes you uncomfortable, then you need to analyze your relationship with him and ask yourself if you want to have a boyfriend who doesn't care about your feelings.

You think your boyfriend of a year is sleeping with his ex of 3 years he says they are just friends but she is really close to his family and still spends a lot of time with them so you can't?

I'd end the relationship right now, because even if he isn't sexually cheating with his ex, he still has an emotional attachment to her. Because he puts her needs first, she is the priority in his life--not you. It doesn't mean that exes can't be friends, but he needs to give consideration to your feelings, which you feel he is not doing.

Am in a new relationship but your partner have two much time with his friendswhat can you do?

you need to tell him how you feel, ask him to compromise the time he spends with his friends and the time he spends with you

If your boyfriend broke up with you but still around you as friends after 3 months like everyday and spends the night but still wants to be friends and not involved with any other girls what it means?

maybe it means he might still like you and is unsure what to do, or it could just mean he's really close friends./: hope this helps

How can you tell your wife is cheating on you with a co worker?

SPENDS TIME WITH HIM... "TALKING(emotional affair).... also saying ...we are just friends.. she will become depressed when at home and less willing to be close with you.... she will find ways to be angry with you for NO reason... lie about staying late "at work".

How you can be sure that your boyfriend loves you?

If your boyfriend is loyal; is proud to have you meet his friend; is kind to you; honest and tells you he loves you; spends a fair amount of time with you then he does. If your boyfriend spends more time away from you then it's time to sit down and communicate and calmly discuss the fact you don't feel he loves you and that either you both work on improving your relationship or you will end it.

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