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yes, as long as its on the same line of longitude you can use the same sundial

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Q: Would your sundial read the same time as another sundial 100 miles directly north of you?
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Would a sundial read the same as another sundial 100 miles away from you?

No, because the earth is round and the sun points at earth so the angleat which th sun would be hitting the undail would change according to where you are standing

Does a sundial read the same as another sundial miles away?

Depends on how many miles away. The sun orbits the earth every 24 hours. So, say there were two sundials, one in Las Vegas, and the other in Salt Lake City. They both would show different times, because the sun is continuously moving to another longitude. However, two sundials on the same longitude line will show the same time always (if both are set up accurately)

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no its not possible '

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