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Yellow and brown are coming out of your butt?

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What is this yellow stuff coming out of your butt after you pee?

Margarine. I suggest watching your diet.

There is Brown Stuff coming out of your butt are you Dying?

No, you are either menstruation (if you are a girl) or pooing!

What Colour of rubidium oxide?

yellow to yellow brown yellow to yellow brown

What color do you get if you mix brown and yellow?

yellow + brown = yellow ochre... i thought...

What are lentils in the Bible?

An eatable seed of the legume family coming in several colors - green, yellow, brown, red.

What do you get when you mix Yellow and brown?

If you mix yellow and brown you will get a goldenrod yellow! Hope this helps

What colors make yellow brown paint?

yellow and brown

What color yellow and brown get?

This would simply lighten the brown and create a yellow brown.

Is brown and yellow an adverb?

No. When referring an object, brown and yellow are adjectives.

Can you wear brown and yellow together?

Yellow and Brown can go together depending on the outfit: A yellow shirt and brown pants would not work. But a yellow and brown shirt with jeans would look great!

Why is blood coming out of your butt?


Is poop coming out of your vagina or your butt hole?

Feces come out of your anus (butt hole). Something is really wrong if it is coming from the vagina.

What spider has a brown butt brown legs black head and it looks like a fly is head and butt?

Bloosem Tree no its britney!

What color to add with brown to yellow?

Yellow is a primary colour. Mixing anything with brown will not make yellow.

What kind of spider had a black head and brown butt?

brown widow

Yellow and brown makes what color?

These colours will create a lighter brown with a yellow tinge to it. Adding yellow to brown is how most artists will lighten the shade of brown they are looking for.

What do you get when you mix yellow purple?

brown brown brown brown brown BROWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What Colours Are giraffes?

giraffes are yellow with brown dotsgiraffes are yellow with brown dots

What kind of snake is brown with yellow spots?

The Yellow Spotted Brown Snake.

Is a giraffe yellow with brown spots or brown with yellow spots?

actually both

Are banana's brown or yellow?

They are yellow but they turn somewhat brown when it starts to get smushy .

Is khaki between yellow and brown?

Yes. Khaki is between yellow and brown.

What does the colours yellow and brown make?

Yellow and brown mix to make a muddy yellow color. Depending on what undertones the brown has the color might seem orange or greenish. If there is more brown than yellow the color will be darker.

What kind of bees are black with yellow butt?

One way to identify the many different types of bees is by their color pattern. Bees that are black with a yellow butt is very likely to be a yellow jacket.

What kind of spider has green legs with a yellow and brown butt?

It is the Venusta Orchard Spider, Leucauge venusta. A picture is located on the spiderzrule website: