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You are 15 years old and a female you go to the mall and see a lot of guys but none never recognize you. What should you do that will have guys recognize you?


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March 26, 2009 2:41AM

Nothing, do nothing you don't need them. worry about school, and then boys. maybe.

i agree with^^

dont think about these things too much, they will fall into place at the right confident in yourself and your capabilities.. best of luck!!

My dear... any boys that you need to impress by doing something special for attention at the mall are not worth your time. If you are 15 years old, you are too young for the guys who actually go places to pick up girlfriends, and the boys closer to your own age probably don't yet have the confidence to let you know they find you attractive. The girls who get attention from guys like that usually end up being used. Bide your time and focus on the things that make you happy that don't involve guys. Heartbreak is overrated.

Probaby, try doing something exotic. Or loud, just to get their attention. Or, try just greeting them with a Hi, get to know them.