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I am 63 and collecting deceased widows benefits through Social Security. I have been recently been terminated from my employment. Can I collect both SS and unemployment?

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Q: You are 63 on deceased widows benefits through ss-can you also collect unemployment?
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In nc is there a penalty period for unemployment benefits if you were fired from your job?

In North Carolina, you can generally only collect unemployment benefits if you are terminated through no fault of your own. If you are fired, most of the time you cannot collect unemployment benefits.

If you are let go from a job through a staffing agency can you collect unemployment?

Eligibility requirements to receive unemployment benefits are the same for staffing employers as any other employer.

Can you collect unemployment from working through Manpower?

No. If you are employed, you may not get unemployment compensation.

Would I have to have been fired from my job in order to recieve unemployment benefits?

In order to collect unemployment benefits you must be fired or laid off from your job through no fault of your own. If you quit you job or are fired because of something your did (or didnt do such as not showing up for work) then you are unable to receive unemployment. If you get fired due to budget cuts, store closings, layoffs, etc. than you can collect unemployment.

Can you collect unemployment while on strike?

No, you can not collect unemployment while on strike. One of the requirements to be able to obtain unemployment is that you are unemployed through no fault of your own.

Can you collect unemployment benefits from Connecticut if you worked in New York?

No. You collect from the "liable state", in this case, New York, but you can file through Connecticut, as an "agent state", who would assist you with the claim.

How do you collect both unemployment insurance and Social Security benefits in New Jersey?

To collect unemployment benefits, contact your local state employment security office, or its equivalent, to file your claim. The Social Security application needs to be through the local Social Security Administration's office, information can be found online.

If you are currently collecting unemployment benefits due to a job loss in Florida and are relocating due to your spouse's health will you be able to collect unemployment benefits in your new state?

Yes, you can continue to collect benefits through the interstate benefits program. Inform the Florida division of employment services that you are relocating and contact the state's employment division of your new state as soon as possible after your arrival. Your continued benefits will still be paid by the state of Florida.

Can you collect state disability after long term unemployment?

If you're currently disabled and unable to work, you should apply for disability income benefits through your state.

Can you collect unemployment in Washington DC if you worked in Massachusetts?

Only the state you worked in is liable for paying your unemployment benefits. It is possible to file THROUGH the DC office, but the payments would be from Mass. Your local office will assist you in this.

Can you receive unemployment after settling your workers comp claim?

Workers Compensation and unemployment benefits are two entirely different systems and so your workers compensation settlement should not hold any bearing on whether you can collect unemployment benefits. Unemployment benefits are not an automatic, however. To qualify for unemployment insurance benefits, a worker must: * Have worked a certain number of weeks during the year * Have earned a certain amount of money in the past year * Be actively looking for work * Be unemployed through no fault of his own

If you are moving your house within Florida but 120 miles away will you be able to collect unemployment?

If you already receive unemployment benefits, you only need to notify the unemployment office about change of address. If you are quitting your job, through no fault of your employer, then it would be considered a voluntary quit and you would not be eligible for unemployment.

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