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You are a man and you are lesbian so therefore lesbians like girls and you are man so you are a man who likes girls Is this correct?


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Men are Gay not Lesbian. Women are Lesbian, and Bisexuals like both Men and Women.


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Can a girl be a lesbian? Yeah. All lesbians are girls. But, not all girls are lesbians. xxStormey

Only lesbian girls are attracted to lesbians. Straight girls are not.

some girls "become" lesbians because they were mistreated by men. all true lesbians were born lesbians. But they were always bisexual and do not actually "become" lesbian. They choose to start embracing their lesbian side.

Some girls that become lesbian or that are lesbians are MORE attracted to girls than guys....

A lesbian is a girl who wants to have "relationships" with other girls, not boys.

You scare the girls away...... however lesbians are lovely.

Because lesbian means a girl likes other girls

You don't 'turn into' a lesbian. If someone comes out as a lesbian, it is because they have come to terms with their sexuality.

Lesbians are romantically and sexually attracted to other women.

Some females are lesbians because it feels right

Periods have nothing to do with sexual orientation. Lesbians are just as capable of menstruating as straight girls.

You can't become a lesbian. You are either born that way, or you aren't. And it's not bad to be born a lesbian.

unfortunatly there is no hope if the 'butch lesbian' really likes Lesbians. it's like a man likes girls therefore it is a butchy girl who likes a girl.

Straight girls and guys are the majority then gay then bisexual. straight girls on accasion you will find a lesbian

Lesbians usually are friends with other lesbians and so they have their friends find dates for them. Or lesbians look up the local lesbian bar (or lesbian night at the gay bar) in their city and go and offer to someone cute a drink. Or lesbians take their dogs to the local dog park/dog beach and scope out the other lesbians there and make small talk with them. Or lesbians make friends with another lesbian and then they just go out and do things together as friends until one of them gets the nerve to do something romantic. Or lesbians do an internet search for lesbian dating sites and meet other lesbians online and then arrange to meet in real life. some lesbians have lots of charm and the ability to get people to rethink their sexual orientation. this usually happens if the lesbian doesn't live around many other lesbians. they try to change the straight girls with sweet talking and compliments. most boyish lesbians known as butch's or dikes have an easier time cause they are closer to boys which is what the straight girls like.

All lesbians are girls, but not all girls are lesbians. Yes. The answer is yes.

No none of the girls are lesbians, but Ross' ex-wife Carol decided she was a lesbian before the show started and has a lover named Susan.

It depends on the person entirely. Some are attracted to masculine-looking girls and some are attracted to feminine-looking girls and/or girls in between. One can be a butch lesbian and be attracted to other butch girls or feminine-looking girls and vice-versa.

Women who are lesbians are born lesbians. Some women realize this fairly early in life while other may not realize this until later in life.

A lesbian is a woman who is attracted to other women. Like the way a girl would have a crush on a boy, a lesbian would have a crush on a girl. So I suppose yes, a lesbian couple is two girls, two girls who are a couple - just like a man and a woman.

The Cherry Girls is a online lesbian entertainment, news, and culture magazine company. Their site is dedicated to lesbians and gays from all around the world.

The correct term to call a girl who likes another girl is lesbian. Dont call girls gay it is an in accurate term. So call gay girls lesbian girls.

1.) ask a girl directly if she's a lesbian 2.) androgynous girl may sometimes turn out to be lesbian, so, masculine girls are potential lesbians (but it's not a guarantee!!) 3.) when you walk up into a gay bar and see all those girls: they're lesbian, or at least bi there, hope it helps.

Lesbians are normal girls. Specifically, they are normal girls who have chosen to identify as lesbian because they are primarily attracted to other girls. That's the only difference between a lesbian and a straight girl. Please don't call straight people "normal" - LGBTQ people are just as normal as straight, cisgender people.

Only Lesbian girls are naturally lesbian. Straight girls are naturally straight.

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