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they were destoryed cause they saw u face thays how

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Q: You are having problems with your 97 Nissan Altima headlights the headlight sockets seem to be destoryed and you have no lights What is your problem here?
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Where is the headlight circuit breaker located on a 1995 Chevrolet Cavalier?

Most headlight circuit breakers are located in the headlight switches. Headlights are on a circuit breaker automatic reset so headlights don't go out if there is a problem and will blink on and off to get you off the road safely until you can fix the problem. Look for a short in the wiring between the headlight switch and the headlights themselves.

How come the headlights won't go on on 2001 ford windstar?

The headlights of a Ford Windstar may have problems going on if they are burnt out or if there is a wiring problem. Blowing a headlight fuse will also lead to both lights not working.

Headlights don't come on in a 1997 lumina?

You can ask customer service on this website to get your answer.

Water in headlights?

Disassemble the headlights from your car. Use a hair dryer to dry all the water in your headlights. To prevent this problem happening again, make sure to check how did water get into your headlights in the first place. It could be various reasons: weather, headlight seals, and etc.. You can consider getting a new set of headlight if your headlight seals are bad.

What are Dip beams Audi A4?

hi the dip headlight means that you have a problem with the headlights it is a common problem recognized by the factory.

All of the fuses are okay but the headlights and the inside dash panel will not come on what could be the problem?

Headlight switch.

Why aren't your headlights working on your endeavor?

1. You have a busted headlights. 2. You have a busted fuse for the headlight. 3. Have an Electrical wiring connection problem. 4. No battery charge

My headlights don't come on on my 1986 Chevy Celebrity?

A couple of possible reasons why your headlights don't light up: 1. Both headlights are burned out. 2. The headlight switch has gone bad. 3. There is a wiring problem.

How much is the ticket if driving without headlights at night?

well 1 headlight will just be a 5 day fix-it most likely, if you are driving with no headlights at night you're goign to have a problem....

Why do your headlight flicker on a 95 gmc sonoma?

More that likely the headlight switch is bad. Turn your headlights on and when they start to flicker tap on the headlight switch real fast. If they flicker to you tapping on the switch, that's the problem. They had problems with that switch around that year. It's a pretty cheap fix and you can do it your self quickly. Can also be a sign of a failing alternator.

How do you get condensation out of the headlights on a 99 sable?

There are a lot of ways you can get this done, but I prefer this: Take the headlight assembly out and dry with air dryer, then re-seal headlight with clear silicon, problem solved.

If Car headlights get dim and horn goes mute after few kilometer and battery discharges but it works fine without head lights what is the problem?

It sounds like a direct short in the headlight circuit . Check for shorted wiring to the headlights and tail lights . Could also be headlight and or dimmer switch .

My 1989 dodge Dakota 6 cylinder headlights just stopped working and the antilock light comes on when I depress the brakes?

These are 2 totally different problems with no relation to each other. The headlights not working can be a blown fuse, blown headlight bulb, or loose or corroded wiring. The ABS light comes on because there is a problem with the ABS. Check the fluid level, and if it is fine, this problem should be repaired by a professional.

Why do headlights and marker lights turn on when battery is connected headlight switch off on 1997 Dodge Intrepid?

command start malfunction, disconnect, problem solved.

How do you fix headlights that dimmer than they should be?

Usually the ground wire that comes out of the headlight that is fastened to the car body is the culprit. You will usually find the wire terminal from the headlight plug attaching to the car body or chassis ground not too far from the headlight. Fairly common problem.

How can i fix 2007 Honda Accord headlight dimming problem When the air is turned on?

I am sorry to say that there is no answer to this question. Just do a general search on 2007-08 -09 Honda accord headlight problems and you will see that Honda is ignoring the problem but there has been a couple of buyback orders if you look on the Honda-tech forums under headlight problems. sorry

What do you replace on a 2004 Chrysler Sebring LXi to prevent the digital display from flickering when your low beam headlights are on?

I think I answered my own question. My left headlight recently died, so when I replaced the headlight suddenly the problem went away. I'll post again if the problem returns.

99 Chevy s10 one headlight is much brighter than the other headlight to TS swapped headlights still the same problem im i missing a ground connection on the bad headlight?

Sounds correct-- clean all connections and perhaps run a ground wire from headlight body directly to ground for test

2002 impala Interior lights stay on while driving?

If the interior lights stay on while driving on a 2002 Impala, there could be a problem with the headlight switch. Check the relay center for the headlights that is just behind the headlight switch.

Why would the headlights flash 3 times then the service light come on for a 2001 Chevy cavalier?


1994 Chevy headlight problem?

the headlights and the tail lights will not turn on when i press the switch, also the dash will not light up like it it suppost to. i checked everything except the wiring. what is the best place to find headlight specific wiring diagrams?

Why wont my headlight work on a 92 Nissan Maxima?

There are a couple of things that can cause your 1992 Nissan Maxima headlights to stop working. A bad ground wire can cause the problem. A blown fuse can also cause the problem.

Why does a 2004 Volvo S40 stall?

We had the same problem and we were told by the dealer that it was because the ambient temperature sensor was shorting out?!? Since we had that problem fixed we've also had the problem of our passenger-side headlight working intermittently and this morning both headlights wouldn't work.

Your 1988 Volkswagen Cabriolet headlights quit working you have checked the headlight bulbs and fuses for the headlight circuit and are ok What are other possibilities and how to do?

It is possibly a switch problem. If you can get to the switch, put a jumper wire to the two contact points (hot side and ground) with the key on the lights should come on and then you know the problem is the switch. psg

How do you fix headlights that only turn on when it is light outside not when it is dark 1990 Cutlass ciera?

It's possible that the fact that it's light or dark has nothing to do with your headlight working or not working. Look into other causes of the problem: Such as: Is is wet outside?, How about overheating of the components surrounding your headlights?