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driver's insurance has coverage for a specific amount of medical coverage for injury and even death. check with the other driver to see the coverage and report it to the other driver's insurance company to find out the process to have the bills paid.

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Q: You are injured in an auto accident in Virginia and the other driver is at fault do doctors have to bill your health insurance?
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When an individual has an automobile accident and someone is injured are they required to complete an accident injury claim with their insurance company?

When people have accidents in their automobile and someone is injured it is required to report it to the police and to their insurance company. This is because the injured person may need a doctors care and the person responsible for the accident is the one that will be required to pay through their insurance company.

Will homeowner's insurance cover a vehicle accident for the passenger injured?

NO, that's what the vehicle insurance is for.

Pet liability insurance?

Progressive Auto Insurance will cover your pet if it is injured in an accident with you.

What if you are already injured and have a car accident is the insurance still liable?

Depends on your condition

VA-12 In Virginia what are boat operators required to do when involved in an accident?

Give assistance to any person injured in the accident

In Virginia what are boat operators required to do when involved in an accident?

They are required to give assistance to all injured people at the accident

What coverage protects the person who was at fault in an accident against losses when someone is injured?

Liability insurance.

What if someone is driving your car and they get into an accident and get hurt and they do not have car insurance is the owners insurance responsible for medical for the injured driver and damages?

You guessed it!

What to do if someone is falsely claiming they were injured in a car accident?

It is not clear from your question why it would even concern you, or why you would have to do anything, if someone is falsely claiming that they were injured in a car accident. If, however, they falsely claimed that you had injured them by causing the car accident in question, even then it is more likely to be the concern of your insurance company, than of you personally. The insurance company is likely to require a medical examination to get at the truth of the matter.

What coverage protects a person who is at fault in an accident against lawsuits when someone is injured?

Liability and medical insurance.

If you have an accident are people injured in your car covered if you only have third party insurance?

I dont know about other countries but in South Africa we have the Road Accident Fund which compensates passengers injured in an accident. You should closely read the terms and conditions provided by your insurer.

What does Ferdi Kaza meaning in Turkish?

Ferdi kaza means personal accident if I translate it directly. Simply, if you have a Ferdi kaza insurance, the insurance company will pay only for you if you injured/died because of an accident.