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.015 to.02 / check with plasta gage

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What bearing are needed for rebuilding the Chevy 350?

Cam bearings, Rod and Main bearings. That will be all of the bearings required to replace when rebuilding a 350 engine.

RebuildING the engine on a 86 Honda trx 250r?

Rebuilding the engine on an 86 Honda TRX 250r extends its useful life and performance. A typical rebuild includes replacing the piston rings and all bearings.

How much does it cost to replace bearings on a s-10?

Wheel bearings? Axle bearings? Differential carrier bearings? Engine main bearings? Engine rod bearings? Engine cam bearings? Need more info to help you.

Just had intake gasket done on 350 and I believe block was not drained properly if antifreeze was left in engine how fast would it wreck engine?

It would trash the engine bearings real quick. Antifreeze in the oil is a for sure engine getter. I just got done rebuilding a 98 350 vortec that had antifreeze in the oil do to the intake gasket leaking and all the engine bearings were trashed.

Trying to replace the engine rod bearings on a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica where are they located?

The rod bearings are between the connecting rod and the crankshaft.

Will a 92 dodge stealth engine work in a 91 dodge stealth?

Yes it will.

Are roller camshaft bearings required to install a roller cam?

roller bearings are only needed if engine has roller bearings, u would replace bearings with same bearings that are in engine and cam specs

How do you replace crankshaft bearings?

In general, this job would be best done with the engine removed from vehicle. Once the engine is removed, mount the engine on an engine stand and diassemble the front and lower half of engine until the crankshaft is exposed. Once the crankshaft is removed, have it inspected at a qualified machine shop to determine if it needs to be reground or just polished. Replace crankshaft with new bearings of correct dimensions. Going this deep into the engine, you may want to consider rebuilding the complete engine. A shop manual for that vehicle would be a must if you intend on tackling this job your self. A complete set of tools and at least some knowledge about rebuilding an engine would be necessary otherwise your time and money would be wasted.

What type of bearing is most commonly used to support the crankshaft?

Main bearings are between crankshaft and main journals (engine block), rod bearings are between connecting rods and crankshaft and thrust bearings ensure crankshaft does not slide horizantally between journals they hold crank in place.

Should i Replace bearings or buy new engine?

It all depends on the bearings that you need to replace! Get some quotes! If it is bearings inside the engine, then the mechanic you go to is going to have pull the engine anyways, so if there are no other problem with your engine but some bearings then i would just have the bearing replaced, but if you have other problems due to the bearings going out, then i would replace the engine. Hope i helped

What does it mean when you drain the oil from a 1990-92 kx80 and there are small bearings in it?

engine bearings failed . do not run engine until bearings have been replaced. (note) count the bearings that came out in the oil and compare that number to the number on your new bearings. any bearings left in the engine can become failed with other parts and harm the engine. Some times, magnets will placed into oil filters.

Are bearings replaced in a car expensive?

Depends on the vehicle and which bearings. Wheel bearings, not so expensive. Main bearings inside the engine, expensive.

How do you replace bearings?

This depends on what bearings in what make model year and engine of car.

Are The engines reused in NASCAR?

The engine blocks, heads and crankshafts are, but the engine shop will tear them down and replace things like pistons and bearings between races.

What Parts in an engine?

piston pin, piston rings, side bearings, connecting rod bearings

What are the torque specs for main bearings on a 2003 Chevy trailblazer with 4.2 engine?

Specs for main bearings on a 2003 Chevy trailblazer with 4.2 engine .

How to polish the worn bearing scratches of connecting rod bearing from crank?

When rebuilding an engine, you MUST replace all bearings and re-grind all rods. if you just try to polish out the scratches, it can allow the crankshaft to travel, causing minor vibrations at least, if not a valve strike, which is devastating for an engine.

How much would it cost to rebuild a 307 engine on a Chevy Nova?

It can cost between $500 and $2000+ to rebuild a 307 Engine on a Chevy Nova. It all depends on who is rebuilding the engine, the brand of the parts, and where the parts are bought.

Will a 93 dodge stealth 3.0 fit in a 89 Mitsubishi montero?

Although the 93 Dodge Stealth basic engine mechanicals are the same as one for a Montero, you would probably have to use different engine mounts and there may be a problem with how the engine mounts to the transmission. Then theres the possible problem of the engine computer for the Montero not working with the donor engine and the wiring harnesses not having the same plugs as the Stealth.

Why your engine pings?

Next time do not put a container of ball bearings in the engine.

Why does engine burn oil?

Worn engine parts. Rings, bearings, etc.

What is involved in replacing bearings in a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird?

What kind of bearings??Engine, wheel, trans,diff.?????

Car found in lake is engine still good?

Good for rebuilding

How do you stop car engine from smoking blue smoke?

More than likely the engine needs rebuilding.

How do you recondition an engine?

Remove the engine, strip off all the accessories and send it out to a machine shop for rebuilding.