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You are taking the oil pan off of a 95 Nissan 200 sx how can you get to the last 2 bolts next to the transmission?

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Im almost certain that the engine has to come out for that job, I know there was a reason I took mine out just cant remember if it was because of these two bolts or not. edit: You don't have to remove your engine, but you do have to support it. The bar that the engine rests on must be removed in order to get to the last 2 bolts.

2009-01-17 07:09:27
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Does a 1987 Nissan Maxima and a 1994 Nissan Maxima have the same transmission?

You probably have gotten an answer by now ,but no they do not '88 was the last you for that transmission after that the became computerized

Is it difficult to change the front bearing in manual transmission in 94 aspire when transmission is out?

The front bearing and seal are the last thing you see when taking the transmission apart! no access from the outside. total dissasemby required.

How many miles will a Nisson Murano transmission last with regular transmission fluid instead of the Nisson fluid?

I wouldn't risk it was I you. I'm an Amsoil Dealer and we don't even have a fluid to replace whatever it is Nissan is using I looked up a 2000 Moreno and it told me this Use Genuine Nissan CVT fluid NS-2. Use of other fluids will cause transmission damage.

What size are the brake caliber bolts on a Nissan Titan?

They are 18mm for the front. I just did mine last night and didn't know the size until I finally found the right wrench.

When was the last year 3 0n a tree manual transmission was offered?

The last American vehicle with a column shift manual transmission was the 1986 Ford F-150. All Toyota Crown and Nissan Cedric taxis in Hong Kong had the 4-speed column shift until 1999.

Where is the Speedometer sensor 1994 a cylinder Nissan pickup?

Tail of the transmission. Drivers side.2 wires One 10mm. Pull it straight out. There will be some resistance from the seal. I did it last night.

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Nissan engines are reported to last years. There are reports of engines with as many as 220,000 miles and still running great.

How do you replace a slave cylinder and remove transmission on a manual 1988 Ford F150?

Its going to depend on 4wd or 2wd .. Start by supporting the truck on a lift or jack-stands then removing the drive shaft it should be 4 12m 12 point bolts, then remove any wires, cables or lines attached to the transmission such as the speedo cable/wire, clutch lines ect then support the transmission with a jack and remove the cross brace holding the transmission if it is 4wd you may find it easier to remove the transfer case as well then remove the bolts starting at the top of the transmission, before removing the last bolt make sure the transmission is supported well and remove the last bolt breaking the transmission from the block can be tough but a pry-bar or a sturdy flat blade screwdriver will do the job once removed the slave cylinder can be removed from inside the bell housing

How do you remove a 1997 Ford Escort transmission?

That depends on whether you have a manual 5 speed or an automatic. On both you have to support the engine from above since 2 of the 3 mounts are on the transmission. Disconnect all the electrical connections. Remove the bolts and nuts that hold the left hand engine mount. Remove the upper front and upper rear bolts that hold the trans. to the engine. Remove the starter motor. Remove the drive axles. Drain the transaxle fluid Remove the crossmember. Unbolt the gear shift rod from the input shaft of the transmission. Remove the nut that holds the gear shift bar to the transaxle. Then slide the bar off the stud. Remove the clutch slave cylinder. Remove the 2 lower bolts that hold the transaxle to the engine. Put a transmission jack under the transmission Remove the catalytic converter. With the transmission supported well, remove the last 3 bolts that hold the engine to the transmission. Carefully lower the transaxle and slide it from the engine.

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when is the last year nissan frontier use a timing belt

Where is the transmission drain plug on 98 zx2?

if we're talking about an automatic and you don't see one on the pan there is none. what you have to do is start at one end (with the drain pan at the same end and take bolts out working your way to the other. this will slowly lower that end of the transmission pan and drain most of the fluid. hold up the pan and take the last two bolts out and drop the pan. have not seen standard on escort but, most standards in general have two noticeable bolts screws etc.. one upper for filling and/or checking, one lower for draining. hope that helps.

How do you replace starter on 1993 Nissan 4 wheel drive pickup?

It's easy it just bolts onto block with 2-3 bolts. Disconnect batt, jack up pass side, follow poss battery cable to end to locate, slide under, remove pos batt cable and wires-noting location. Use socket to remove bolts. Be careful removing the last one-have starter supported, starters are heavy.

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