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Why cant you remove the starter from your 1992 ford ranger?

If the bolts have been removed and the wires disconnected, try tapping the starter with a wooden block to loosen it, Sometimes the starter will stick in place due to sludge and grime.

How do you change the starter in a 1995 Dodge Grand Caravan SE?

If the 95 is anything like the 90, the bolts are right on the flange type part of the starter, where the starter meets the transmisison. there is 3 bolts holding it in. they are most likely 13mm, 14mm, or 15mm bolts. but on some caravan models you have to remove the front transmission mount to get to it. this is probabally why you cant find em'. but you will have to remove the mount, then the starter bolts. then you have your starter out! but when you want to put the mount back in, you may need a floor jack to lift the engine/trans um into the right spot to put the bolt back through the rubber part. Tricky, but possible.

How do you remove imesh?

cant remove imesh from computer. keeps popping up, thanks

How do you change the starter motor on your beetle you cant even get the tinware off?

If you're talking about the older, air cooled beetles, you don't need to remove the tin. The starter is reached from UNDER the car. Disconnect the battery, put the back of the vehicle on jack stands or ramps. Climb under and you should see the starter RIGHT BESIDE THE TRANSMISSION. Remove the wires, remove the 2 mounting bolts and the starter should fall out.

How do i take my ac out when i cant get to bolts out when the pulley is in the way of the bolts?

use a thin wrench or if possible just remove the pulley

What tools are needed to change the starter on a '95 Eclipse GST?

Basically a 10mm wrench to remove the Hot wire from the battery, which is bolted to the starter, also, the solenoid wire is clipped on, and the 14 or 17mm bolts holding the starter in. i cant remember what size exactly, id say 14mm. just run you hand back there and you can feel the wires. and the 2 bolts. disconnect battery first

How do you get the starter bolts out on a 1997 firebird You cant get the socket on the bolt next to the trans?

You may have to take the transmission cover off. It should be held on with 4 small bolts.

How do you remove the top bolt on a 1997 Toyota corolla starter you cant seem to reach?

if you cant figure out how to unbolt it you shouldn't be trying to replace it Raise the car and support it on stands. There is an acces cover underneath where the engine bolts onto the tranaxle that makes it pretty easy.

Why cant you get the air filter cover off your 1996 Grand Voyager?

You didn't remove the bolts.

Cant get bolts off on battery wires going to starter 1998chevyblazer?

you have to hold the battery cable or the nut behind it to keep it from turning with the nut you are removing.

How do you remove cotter pin from boat motor?

i am trying to remove cotter pin from my 40 hp outboard motor, and cant seem to get anywhere with it,any ideas what i can do to remove it Thanks

You have an 94 cadilliac eldorado and need help getting the starter off you tried to buy a book and cant find one you need car running asap thanks?

You will need basic tools. Start by safely raising( the higher the better) the vehicle and put blocks or jackstands under it. Remove the negative battery cable. Follow the positive cable down to the starter if you are not sure of the strters location. While you are under car, look to see what stuff has to be removed to get at the starter; sometimes nothing does, but if something is right in the way, it will need to be removed. The starter will be held on by 2-3 bolts and 2 wires . Before you remove the wires notice how they are attached.At this point, you simply remove and replace. Make sure you tighten the cables securely.Reverse the procedures. Done. I hope this helps you. Mark

Where is starter on 1988 Honda Civic?

the starter is to the right of the battery, from the front of the car, down under some coolant hoses. you have to take off the air intake hose befor e you can even see it. you can always find a starter by following the big cable from the positive battery post. it goes directly to the starter. my problem is - I cant figue ouut how to get the starter out...its really buried in there! You are going to have to remove a decent amount of parts to get in there. It sucks but its necessary. Remove the intake hose and then use a 14mm socket to take off the top and bottom bolts. If facing from the front of the car the top bolt is more towards the front and the bottom bolt is towards the back. There are a couple bolts near the bottom one, so make sure you get the 14mm one for the starter. It will be somewhat long. Then you will be able to wiggle the starter out. Now you can use a 12mm socket to remove the positive battery cable.

How do you remove the solenoid off the starter of a 1995 Geo Tracker?

Cant on a 91-96 the starter and solenoid are one piece. I assume its that way on all of them. Starter cost around 100 bucks at autozone with a lifetime warrenty

How do you remove oil pan on 2000 grandam gt?

Take the bolts out? If you cant get to the bolt remove surrounding accesories and continue? This isn't brain surgery theres bolts going all the way around the top of the pan and 4 bolts going into the 2 sides running parrellel to the crank shaft

Where is starter relay located at on a Saturn?

AnswerOn the starter i looked and cant find it

How do you remove the power steering pump on a 1993 SEL 500?

First you need to remove the belt then the pulley. After that remove the distributer cap and the gaurd around it this will make it easier to get to the lines and the bolts on the front of the pump. There is alsp 3 or 4 allen bolts on the back you have to feel for th you really cant see them. Finally losen the fill line and remove pump

Can you transfer bolts from ratchet and clank to the next?

no you cant because you cant

How do you eat your starter Pokemon?

you cant

How do you get pikachu as my starter on HeartGold?

you cant

How many bolts on a transmission pan does a 99 gmc Yukon have?

Sixteen bolts. The bolts are simple to remove. I took out those bolts a couple hours ago and my tyanny pan is still hanging and I cant get it off. :( This has been a i understand why meineke took an hour and a half to replace the filter.

1997 olds achieva After removing the starter a wire got pulled out we can't find where it goes?

1997 olds achieva remove starter and wire plug got pulled out and we cant find where it goes? help?

How do you replace the water pump on a 1987 Ford Aerostar?

Pretty easy for average mech. first drain coolant by loosening the lower radiator hose. make sure to have a drain pan. remove the power steering belt by removing the bolts to the idler pulley. and let belt off the pulley.remove the alternator upper bracket. and remove belt. take fan shroud off with two 8mm bolts on top oe it. you cant remove until you remove the clutch fan assy. it is left handed thread. it has to be removed together. remove the four bolts to the pulley on front of water pump. and then remove all 14mm bolts around the pump. then remove 8mm bolts and it will be able to come off. assemble in reverse order!

How do you see Blaziken?

You cant. you have to have Torchic as a starter

Got all the bolts out of a 2000 Hyundai elantra transmission but still cant get it to pry off what do you do?

you probably need to remove the bolts in the converter inside the trans, it is tricky there is only one way to get them out and you have to physicly turn the converter each time you remove one bolt at a time, sorry good luck!