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Water pump or bad hose clamp

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Q: You changed your bottom radiator hose but there is still an antifreeze leak the leak seems to be coming from right above the oil pan or the pan itself what could be wrong?
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How can you tell if antifreeze leak under hood of 2001 Nissan maxima is coming from radiator?

look for antifreeze coming out of the radiator as the engine warms up after a cold start.

Is the antifreeze going into the heater core coming from the lower radiator hose?

No. The top hose goes to the engine. The bottom hose feeds from the engine to the heater core back to the radiator.

How do you drain coolant on 1996 Lincoln Continental?

well you can either open the bleeder screw on the bottom of the radiator if it has one, or you can loosen the clamp on the bottom hose of the radiator and watch out for the big gush of antifreeze coming at you, take the radiator cap of before hand as a vent. good luck.

How do you know if you overfill your antifreeze reservoir?

Once your vehicle is warmed up, if you have antifreeze coming out of the overflow you have too much in your radiator.

Why is antifreeze coming out of overflow?

If it makes a boiling sound when it comes out then it is probably a bad radiator cap.

Radiator fluid coming out of exhaust pipes?

Internal engine antifreeze leak what else could cause besides headgasket? there is no antifreeze in the oil it is clean

What are the step to Flushing a 2000 DTS Radiator?

Remove the bottom radiator hose. Put a garden hose into the top of the radiator. Allow the garden hose to run until the water coming out of the bottom of the radiator is clear.

Why is there Antifreeze coming out of the overflow tube but engine stays Farly cool Malibu 2001?

radiator cap might be leaking

Where is the thermostat on 2004 mustang cobra?

your thermostat is inline with your radiator.. its in a junction coming off the bottom radiator three hoses plug into it.

What causes a car to run hot and leak antifreeze?

a hose or radiator may be broken. check your hoses and radiator. where is leak coming from?? front, right?? find general area and continue from there

Steam coming from around my radiator in a Nissan largo?

you have a leak in a hose or your radiator itself. Look for antifreeze dripping from under car while engine is running and hot enough for the fan to kick on.

How do you tell if leaking antifreeze is coming from the engine or the radiator on a 1996 Buick Regal 3.8 engine?

Pressure test system to observe leak

Where does the Hose from radiator to water pump on 1995 Chevrolet Silverado go from and to?

you should find it attached to the radiator & the water pump. if it is missing, that's where you should put the new one. radiator at the front of the vehicle, engine behind it, water pump on front of engine, with hose, or short metal tube coming out of the bottom of it. the radiator will also have a hose or short metal tube coming out of the bottom of it also,(the radiator should also have another hose coming from it at the top)

How do you know if you have a blow head gasket on a 1998 Chevy S10?

AnswerAren't they always the same thing? The smell of burnt antifreeze, and white smoke?Several ways to check--easiest is above--also--while running--if pressure coming back to your radiator--pull cap and see if compression coming back into the radiator. Also--check your antifreeze and oil for contaminants.good luck

How do you you change antifreeze on a Pontiac Grand Am 92?

1. Open the radiator cap. 2. Disconnect the top radiator hose. 3. Run the engine for a couple of minutes with the hose off. 4. Insert tap water hose into the radiator where the top hose should be. 5. Run water into the radiator until clear water comes out of the radiator top hose. 6. Continue idling the engine, remove the tap water hose from the radiator, shut off engine as soon as the water stops coming out of the top water hose of the radiator. 7. Reconnect top water hose and fill radiator with antifreeze. Start engine and top off antifreeze.

Why does the radiator water come out of your tailpipe?

Radiator coolant (antifreeze) coming out the tail pipe is bad news. Probably a bad head gasket or a cracked head or both. If it's plain water coming out of the tail pipe it is probably just condensation, nothing to worry about.

1997 grand am had all the antifreeze gush out the bottom of it I was driving and steam started coming in through the vents and when i got out the antifreeze came rushing out the bottom of the car?

Sounds like a freeze plug corroded or blew out; at worst, it might be a cracked block.


There's a valve on the bottom that you open in order to bleed the radiator. When air stops coming out - just water - then you should be all set.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1997 VW Golf 19 TDI?

according the repair manual the thermostat is located on the bottom of the waterpump. You can access it underneath the front of the car. follow the radiator hose coming off the bottom of the radiator.

What if it is not a blown head gasket and you still have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust?

there is no water mixed with the oil but have antifreeze coming out of the exhaust

What can cause white smoke coming out of vents?

That is probably antifreeze steam. Your heater core is a small radiator used to heat your car. The engine heats the antifreeze and circulates it through the heater core. Your blower blows heat through the core (radiator) into the car, and warms you. If the core gets a small leak, it will put out steam.

The antifreeze looks to be coming out of the seal of the oil pan no antifreeze in oil at dipstick?

Check all the coolant hoses and pipes, especially where they connect (top and bottom of the radiator, connections to the engine and water pump). If there is no antifreeze in the oil registered on a dipstick, are you sure the antifreeze isn't just trickling down the side of the engine?? If it is doing this it will gather at the seal of the oil pan and travel to the lowest point, where it will then spill over, looking very much like it is leaking from the oil pan when in fact the leak is elsewhere.

What do you do if there is greenish foam in the radiator?

If your antifreeze is green and it's foaming then you are getting air into the system. It is coming in by way of the water pump or you have a cylinder head gasket leaking compression.

How do you flush and refill antifreeze on 2002 Yukon?

=To properly flush the antifreeze on a 2002 Yukon you will need a antifreeze vacume system you will need to start the car and have it running turn on all the heating modules to high and have the car reved at about 1.5 r.p.m, or a little higher to activate the vaccume this will start sucking the old antifreeze out. When the radiator is empty{you will know when it is empty because there will be no more antifreeze coming out}you can then fill it up with half and half antifreeze[half water half antifreeze].=

What is the best way to refill the antifreeze in a 2000 Chevy Malibu ls?

The best way is:1-open the cap on the bottom of the car(located in the front bottom right side) it takes a Allen driver to open it let it all the fluid that is in come out 2-for better results flush it with a house and make sure that u see clear water coming out of the bottom(that means it is clean)3-close the little cap on the bottom, make sure there is nothing coming out of it anymore4-refill the radiator with DEX-COOL cuz that's the one GM says to use it, make sure you don't over fill it or it will go off the overflow house5-check the radiator recovery tank cap(radiator cap) that is closed all the way cuz if is not you'll boil the antifreeze and you'll loose it6-you should be done and good to goHave a good one and u