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Make her feel comfortable with yourself. Initiate conversation whenever you bump into her way. Forget about the error you commited in the first meeting. Make her forget it too. One way to do it is that engage her with casual chit-chats. Perhaps, she wants to know more about you before going out for a date. Give her opportunities to know you more. Do not let your 'fast move in the first meeting' come to your way to convert her No to Yes. One thing you can keep in mind to boost your spirits up is that the lady really likes you. That is why she did not blankly refused your proposal. Also, she liked dancing with you.

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You asked the girl that you like to dance with you on a slow dance and she said yes but the song ended before you danced the second time around she said no does this means that shes interested in me?

She is, but wait awhile.

Why did the Ancient Greeks dance in a circle?

If you think about it, the Greeks danced in a circle just as we dance in a circle in a Ring-Around-The-Rosy dance. So, they danced to have fun, and what fun is it alone?

What is the origin of the Bachata dance?

Bachata dance is a dance that first started in the Dominican Republic, although it's danced all over the world. The versions danced around the world are simply variations on the original.

What was the song that Andy Williams sang to Marie Osmond when he asked for a dance at her wedding?

He sang Lida Rose and asked for a dance on her 18th birthday, not the wedding He then appeared on her show and danced with her when she was 18. It was cool!

Did the Incas dance?

Oh of course they did dance they danced a lot . They even danced for fun when their bored

Why did they dance the polka?

Polkas are danced for much the same reasons that any other kind of dance is danced.

Was the chicken dance danced in 1920's?

it was danced in 1920! it is still danced today!

Your girlfriend boss saw you dancing with someone else?

* If you just danced with someone because you enjoy dancing this does not mean you are cheating. However, if you wanted to be around this girl and asked her to dance then you deserve to be caught!

What does balimos mean?

bailamos= we dance, we danced, let's dance

What is the past participle of 'dance'?

The past participle is danced.

What is the past tense of 'dance'?

The past tense is danced.

If a guy broke up with you but slow danced with you at a party and keeps talking to you about that night does he like you?

if he asked you to dance. he is intersted. if he talks to you he feels bad.

What is the past participle of dance?


How did the pilgrims dance?

They danced smoothly

What is the perfect tense of dance?


What is the simple past of dance?


What is the past particple of dance?


What is the past present and future tense of dance?

danced; dance/[am/are/is] dancing; will dance/[am/are/is] going to dance

What is light spot dance?

light spot dance is a type of dance danced by light

What is the past participles of dance?

danced is the past participle for the word dance.

How is binasuan danced?

what are the dance steps of binasuan?

Rock dancing is primarily a dance to be?

to be .... danced?

What is the baseword of danced?

The root word is dance.

Present perfect tense of dance?

Have or has danced

What is the present perfect form of dance?