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You danced with a girl once but made your move to fast and asked her out she said that the dance was not out of love and did not fully reject you she is now quiet around you what do you do now?

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2007-06-22 18:45:01

Make her feel comfortable with yourself. Initiate conversation

whenever you bump into her way. Forget about the error you commited

in the first meeting. Make her forget it too. One way to do it is

that engage her with casual chit-chats. Perhaps, she wants to know

more about you before going out for a date. Give her opportunities

to know you more. Do not let your 'fast move in the first meeting'

come to your way to convert her No to Yes. One thing you can keep

in mind to boost your spirits up is that the lady really likes you.

That is why she did not blankly refused your proposal. Also, she

liked dancing with you.

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