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You got 155367 in eamcet ex-service men boy where you get seat in svu region?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-27 10:04:40

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Q: You got 155367 in eamcet ex-service men boy where you get seat in svu region?
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What is the minimum mark in eamcet to get seat in jntu hydrabad?


Which rank in eamcet should you get to get a seat in ou hyd?


Is Telugu akadami is sufficient to get seat in jntu hyd through eamcet 2011?

friend really it is sufficient for aieee too then what about eamcet/?

How much rank you should get in eamcet to get seat in cbit hyd?


Where will a student with 2948 rank in EAMCET get the seat?

u didn't mention your category ,any how you will get seat in jntu university hyderabad

I got 177648 rank in EAMCET-2008 can i get the engineering seat im a male?

you will get a seat in some new college or in some good college if you have reservation.

You got 1482 rank in eamcet 2009 which college you will get seat in medicine bc d?

you may get in mnr college

What is the rank required to get seat in A.G.B.SC?

hello i hve scored in eamcet 71 and my rank is 2202 and my local rank is 979 . i belong to sc -b will i get seat in agb or vetarnare

In which college you will get seat for 10000 rank in eamcet?

in narayanamma, vnr vignyan jyothi, kakatiya institute, cvr, gmr, muffakhamjah,

Which college according to a rank of 48000 in eamcet?

may i whether a seat will be getting for a BiPC student with 48,000 rank in emcet

Can i get a medicine seat in AP for 82 marks in eamcet and 96 percent in inter and what may be the rank?

The rank is 25000 nearly, seat is based on s.c, s.t, b.c, and minority category.

You got 122931 rank in eamcet 2009 I am Sc category where do I get BE Mechanical?

If I got 122931 rank in eamcet 2009... then how can one tell u whether u will get BE mechanical or EEE ? No one in the world can tell whether u will get BE seat if you belong to SC category.. Use ur mind... Tikka sachinod :-)

Region of the brain known as the seat of intelligence?


Is it worthwhile to join btech bio technology after completing intermediate bipc as you have not got seat in mbbs?

only intermediate Bi P C. did not wrote Eamcet. so, after course please reply

Is gitam university better than snist?

Geting Gitam is not a tough job, In fact taking Admission Test itself assures a seat there but for getting into sreenidhi you need to clear EAMCET with rank under 5k atleast.

You got eamcet rank 51120 in mpc stream with caste bc-e and you are male and you come under ou region will you get seat in jntu kakinada with branch chemical petro?

iam pursuing my B.Tech better don't join engineering with this rank.My rank is 23000 .find the path that hav more chances for u.Don't neglect dizI wish u all the best.

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