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The check engine light could be from changing the battery. Some models will do this saying that there was some loss of power recently. My Jeep does this. I would get a hold of a code scanner and check it, because you just wont know what it is until it is read. Autozone will read your computer for free, but I don't think they will reset it. The trouble code has to be erased with a trouble code reader. Also Make sure your emergency brake is also all the way off.

AnswerThe key here is that each warning light is trying to tell you 2 different things. They are not likely to be related to each other.

Research each light separately.

NOTE: Fix the *cause* of the trouble codes and the lights will turn themselves off.

See "Related Questions" below for more about check engine lights & Windstar ABS systems

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Q: You had your battery replaced in your 98 ford windstar and now your check engine light and abs light is on could this be from replacing the battery and what should you do to turn the lights off?
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After replacing battery terminals car wont start?

Replacing battery terminals??? How did you accomplish that. Do you mean you replaced the battery or are you referring to the battery cables? If you replaced the cables are you sure you have them connected correcty and tight. Especially the ground connection. Take a reading with an ohm meter from the neg battery post to the engine or chassis. If the circuit is open, you have a bad connection.

Where is the Battery location in 2003 Ford Windstar?

Facing the engine from the front of the vehicle, the battery is located in the right, front corner.

If you replaced the thermostat in your 95 3.8L Windstar and it is still overheating what is wrong?

Could be the head gasket. Very common problem with this engine and model year Windstar.

Replaced battery on 99 Subaru Forester now check engine light comes on and won't go off?

Replacing the battery was not likely the cause of your check engine light. Most auto parts stores have a code reader will read the code for you at no charge and reset the light.

Would replacing the battery trigger the check engine light to come on a 99 Sienna?

My check engine light came on because the terminals were not connected tightly. no. quite the contrary. if you have a "check engine" light on, disconnecting, or in this case replacing the battery will turn it off. you have a different problem.

Engine staled while driving and the battery light came on then went off and then your check engine light is on would it be my alternator or battery that needs to be replaced?

your Alternator

Engine diagram ford 3.8L engine 2001 windstar?

diagram of motor windstar 3.8

Diagram of replacing a fan belt for a 2002 ford windstar?

Put Auto zone in your search engine and they should have the repair guide or the diagram for the belt.....

Why does my Windstar clock light stay on after I shut off the engine and will it drain my battery?

my radio kept cycling for some reason drained my battery. i pulled the fuse and haven't had a radio or clock since, but my battery is fine.

Mazda mx3 1994 4 cylinder your battery light is coming on along with engine electrical light sometimes you replaced the battery and the battery light still comes on sometimes along with the engine ele?


Do you have a 3.8 engine for a 2001 Windstar Ford Van?

Do you have a 3.8 engine for a 2001 Windstar Ford Van?

I have replaced the alternator starter and the solenoid on my 1991 Ford Ranger and when you disconnect the battery cable it kills the engine. What else can be wrong?

Never disconnect a battery while an engine is running!

1999 dodge neon and replaced the computer and when I turned the ignition it didn't even make a noise Could it be the crankshaft that needs to be replaced?

Wow, um, just wow. Anyway, did the engine crank over before replacing the computer? If so, during the process of replacing the computer did you create a problem with anti-theft or did you forget to reconnect the battery?

When replacing timing belt what else gets replaced?

It depends on the engine and situation. Sometimes the water pump, idler puller, or tensioners need replaced also.

Where is the power distribution box on a ford windstar-2001?

On a 2001 Ford Windstar : The Power Distribution Box is in the engine compartment , between the vehicle battery and the drivers side fender

When do you need to unplug your car battery?

When replacing battery, when servicing some part of the engine, or when the vehicle is not going to be started for over one month.(keeps the radio memory from draining battery)

How do you reset computer codes on 2005 trailblazer after replacing engine?

In general, since you replaced the engine, you most likely disconnected the battery - and that should have reset the codes. If you are getting new codes, something is wrong. Perhaps you have a wiring error or a disconnected sensor. Perhaps one of the sensors is bad.

Where is the 3 cyl on a 3.8l 96 Windstar?

3rd firing order cylinder is at the back of engine by fire wall battery side

Where is the power distribution box on a ford windstar-2003?

The Power Distribution Box ( which is " live " ) is located in the engine compartment between the battery and the drivers side fender on a 2003 Ford Windstar

What would be wrong with your truck if you replaced the battery and still get no power?

It could be anything from the engine to the connectors

What do you do if the check engine light comes back on after replacing the speed sensor?

I had all sensors replaced in my 03 Trailblazer and the check engine light stiil comes on. Why?

What do you need to remove before replacing the starter on a 1989 Chevy caprice with a 305 engine?

The battery cable for sure.

What will happen if you ground out your alternator when replacing it?

If you do not dissconnect the battery, you will blow the main fuse usaly located in the engine compartmet.

1999 Grand Am SE engine does not start Clicking noise Relay switch also clicks Relay replaced Still clicks?

Check wiring at starter Check battery cables for looseness or corrosion "Rap" starter with a hammer to see if brushes are stuck and need replacing Engine seized?

What is a P1684 engine code on a dodge?

P1684 - Transmission - Battery Power To Module Disconnected if battery was disconected for a while or battery replaced, it can cause to set this DTC