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replace the strut mounts

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Q: You have Toyota Avalon 98 xls you are not sure what cause little noise around the right side rear end when your car run over little bumpy road Technician told your rear shock fine what make the noise?
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How do you replace the dash lights in my 1997 Toyota Avalon?

you take of the driver side vent trim, and trim that goes around your stereo, and then the black trim that is around the speedometer. after the black piece is off, then you just unscrew i think four screws and you can then pull it out some. there will be four little things that you unscrew a little and then pull out. each one has a bulb. replace with lights bought from your local Toyota dealership to ensure that they are the right color gauges, the bulb should be green.

Is it generally high to maintain a 2001 Toyota Avalon compared to 2003 Camry?

The maintenance costs should be practically the same as the V6 Camry, but will be a little more expensive than a 4Cyl Camry.

How do you change the position indicator bulb power train or shift gear bulb in Toyota Avalon 1997?

the whole area around the shifter pops up & off. Be careful not to break it though! it could be brittle! Also save the little green gel cap that is on your original bulb to put on your new bulb. Otherwise the colors of your interior lights won't match!

You have 98 Toyota Avalon xls and when you put the key in to turn the car on it sometimes won't start and sometimes it just clicks and the dash lights come on but it won't start. What could it be?

dying battery, loose connection More Likely: I had the same problem. Solved by replacing the contacts INSIDE the starter motor. You can buy the contacts online or from Toyota dealer. It can be a DIY if you are a little handy.

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A little more information please ( what year , what model of Toyota , what is the engine size )

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Where is the diagnostic terminal on a 1998 Toyota Avalon?

the OBDII terminal is located on the driver side in the fuseblock panel. There is another diagnostic terminal located on under the the same dash panel just a little further under the dash it is a round terminal looks like something for Toyota to hook their scanner into. Then their is one under the hood about midway back and in the center on top of the engine that is for engine diagnostic . your welcome Jeremy Hadley Arab AL.

Will a 1999 Toyota Camry windshield fit a 2001 Toyota Camry?

It might, even models are a little different the windshield should be the same.

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A little kid in the trunk with a hammer

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Sorry no, the 87 is a mk3 and the 85 an mk2 very little is the same if any.

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How do you remove the panel around my 1994 Toyota Corola Radio?

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Toyota 1996 Engine vibration when ac on?

It is normal for a little vibration with the air conditioning on due to the compressor working , fans on , and engine running a little warmer. On at least 92-96 Toyota's the fans automatically come on when the ac is turned on

Are the fuel tanks for 2001 Chevrolet Prizms and 2001 Toyota Corollas interchangeable?

The fuels tanks for 2001 Chevrolet Prims and 2001 Toyota Corollas can be interchangeable with a little fabrication.

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Yes. He is in a commercial for North Point Toyota. Yes. He is in a commercial for North Point Toyota.

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