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i first would check to see if the coil, is lose, then make sure u have it away from the manifolds, heat kills the coils fast. make sure ur plug wires are in the looms and not arking. and make sure the polaritys are correct on ur coil.

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โˆ™ 2007-03-20 03:58:45
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Q: You have a 1977 F250 with a 460 and the coil keeps failing?
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How do you replace ignition coil on F250 V8?

I'll include a link to a video below that will show you how to repair the ignition coil in your Ford F250 or F350. hope this helps.

What is ford 5.8 ignition coil restance?

What is there stance specifications on an ignition coil for a ford 5.8 f250

How to you change the spark plugs on a 2002 F250 V10?

disconect the coil and remove the 7mm bolt that holds down the coil, remove the coil then plug.

The ignition module in your 2000 Saturn LS1 keeps failing after a few weeks it has been replaced three times now is there a known problem?

Is it the module or the coil paxk they are replacing? If it's the module replace the coil pack.....Or try the GM one and not an aftermarket....Or just a different brand of AM

Where to find Coil on 1977 Chev PU?


F250 1989 no spark all new plugs new coil coil wire good what can it be?

I would look first to the rotor, and then maybe at the module check the ignition module

What would cause the 1 and 6 cylinder on 1990 f250 with a 5.8l engine not fire?

Bad Plug or coil pack.

1990 ford bronco no spark new coil new dist module had spark keeps blowing coil?

Dust module

The coil keeps going out on a 1984 Chevy pu 350?

Next time you replace the coil, test and if necessary replace the resistor.

Where on a 92 f250 is the ignition module and is it also the coil or is the coil separate?

They are separate The ignition module is on the drivers side fender usually mounted in the middle of an aluminum box with fins on it. The coil is easy to find just follow the center wire on the distributor and you'll find it.

Where are the plugs located on a f250 v8 2001 ford truck?

are under the coil that is held down by the 7mm bolt. the round black things.

Cylinder coil on Mitsubishi eclipse keeps going bad why?

it might be next to something hot. or there is to much power going to that coil. it might be next to something hot. or there is to much power going to that coil.

What causes a 1989 Ford F250 to run until it gets hot and then die but start up again right away?

coil may be bad

96 f250 runs 5-10 min stops no spark let sit and it restarts?

Check your coil could be over heating or have a craack in it.

What are the functions of commutator in electric motor and machines?

Commutator reverses direction of the coil every half turn so that the coil keeps turning in the same direction.

Did they make a 79 f250 highboy?

I have a 1979 ford ex cab half ton 4x4 with front leaf springs not coil springs is it a high boy?

Why does your 1997 Chrysler sebring hesitate?

May have Jumped time, could have a failing distributor cap and coil, failing spark plugs, bad O2 sensors, Bad Throttle body position sensor, the list can go on and on.

What is salonoid valve?

A solenoid valve is a valve controlled by an electrical coil. A spring keeps the valve closed. When power is turned on to the coil, a plunger is pulled, opening the valve.

Mercedes 190e 2.6 engine turns off after driving ten miles starts up after cooled. What could this be?

If the ignition shuts down, however you can still crank the engine. This issue could be fuel or ignition related. Fuel Pump Relay failing. Overload Relay failing. Fuel Pump failing. Distributor Cap failing. Distributor Rotor failing. Ignition Coil failing. Ignition Wire Set failing. Reference Sensor failing.

1977 Honda 75cc 4 stroke has no spark?

check points could be coil or stator

Why wont your 97 lumina start after engine is warm?

Normally this is caused by some electronic part overheating and then failing. Can be the coil, or another sensor.

1991 firebird 3.1 l ignition coil keeps burning out?

bad wire it may be grounding out

Why does your Briggs and stratton engine stop after it heats up?

Most likely it is the armature (coil) failing, though in limited circumstances it could be fuel-related.

Why does 1991 passat splutter and die when engine reachs normal operating temperature and won't start again until engine cools?

Check the ignition coil. At cold coils generally operate properly, when the coil heats a failing unit will start to break down and fail causing misfiring and poor engine operation. Second check for a failing ignition controller in the distributor.

1994 Geo Tracker keeps blowing the fuse for the coil when you turn the key on any ideas on what to check for?

You have a short somewhere Start at the coil and work back toward your battery You will need an ohm or multimeter