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check to see if the carb bolts are tight. possible faulty float or incorrect float level in carb. check vacum hose from intake to power assist, which is what the master cylinder is bolted to, for leaks. make sure battery is secured so it wont ground out against fender. air filter plugged?fuel filter getting plugged? incorrect or worn arm on mechanical fuel pump. faulty fuel pump, leaking.


pcv valve


I had that same problem with my truck, try and put it in neutral when coming to a stop, if it stops the problem, then you know it's the tranny, just a sugestion

I have been going through that same problem for two weeks now. For me, it was a combination of things. Basically, it was vacuum leaks from various locations the most important being the EGR valve. It had a hole in the diaphragm and wasn't closing completely. Then there was the intake manifold gasket, PCV valve grommet, incorrectly routed vacuum lines and spark plug gap.

I think the single most important issue was the EGR valve.

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Q: You have a 1983 ford f-150 when you come to a stop it will shake and rattle then die but will crank right back up and goits only happens when you stop?
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