You have a 1988 Toyota 4-runner with new hubs and brakes and new rotors and brakes and new wheel cylinders and new master cylinder and you have no brakes and have bled the brakes several times?

If you replaced the master cylinder, you have to bleed it first before bleeding the the lines and wheel circuits... BLEEDING THE MASTER CYLINDER ---"During this process, MAKE SURE THAT THE RESERVOIR DOES'NT RUN DRY OF BRAKE FLUID." 1. Disconnect the lines from the master cylinder and place a pan or rugs under the culinder. 2. Have an assistant depress the brake pedal and hold it down. 3. Block off the outlet ports with your fingers and have the assistant release the pedal. Make a tight seal with your finger, do not allow the cylinder to ingest air while the pedal is released. 4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 three or four times. 5. Connect the brake lines to the master cylinder and top up the fluid reservoir... Next step is bleeding the lines and wheel circuits. Start from the farthest, right R, left R, right F then left F.