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You have a 1988 Toyota corolla wagon which ran fine all day no starting problems now nothing no dash lights no door ajar dings battery is fine replacing fuses doesnt help headlights work horn works?


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2006-03-28 02:41:58
2006-03-28 02:41:58

sounds like a grounding problem to me, find an electrical diagnostic and follow it with a multimeter to make sure, otherwise you might have to replace the entire harness


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my battery is good but having problems with starting

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Starting problems in a Mitsubishi Eclipse GST 1995 could be caused by a weak battery or an alternator that does not charge. You might also have gotten a bad starter when you replaced that one.

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poor earth from battery to body work, low battery or starter motor needs replacing. are the most common problems

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Its unlikely that it is related to getting a new battery. Make sure that during the process of replacing the battery that any emissions hoses or wiring were not disturbed or disconnected.

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The most common cause of automobile starting problems; is the battery needs to be charged. When the battery will not take a charge. It needs to be replaced.

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