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You have a 1993 Toyota Camry SE and sometimes it stops after you start it up And sometimes it even quits while being driven What could be wrong with your car?


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so what is it


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Nelson the Toyota manIn the transmission dipstick. Best to check the level of fluid after being driven at least 15 miles. check fluid level in park.

I had this same problem. It was the Neutral Safety Switch. It had worn out. Pretty simple not very expensive if I remember correctly.

The four-cylinder and V-6 engines in the 1999 Toyota Camry are non-interference engines. The cam belt should be replaced every 90,000 miles to avoid being stranded if it breaks.

When I had this problem with my 1999 Toyota Solara, the issue ended up being a faulty oil pressure sender unit. The 2001 Toyota Camry uses the same engine (and very likely the same sending unit) as the 1999 Toyota Solara.

The curb weight range for the '99 Camry is 3,000 to 3,300 lbs. The difference being the motor size, the optional wheels, the optional trim packages, etc.

Toyota currently produces a range of cars. These include the Yaris, Corolla, Tacoma, Venza, Prius, Matrix, Camry, RAV4, Sienna, Tundra and FJ Cruiser models

A person can search to find a 2005 Toyota Camry being sold in their area through several online car searches. One can choose between Edmund, AutoTrader, Cars, CarsDirect, CarGurus, and MotorTrend.

Definition of class may falter to find a single meaning, thus the Toyota Hilux may be placed into many different classes. That being said, the Toyota Hilux is a luxurious, all-terrain vehicle whom critics claim has car-like behavior while being driven.

The Taillights take a 15 amp fuse located under the left kick panel. That's what my 1990 Camry takes. If it being a V6 makes a difference tho is slim, so i would go with the 15 amp

The dipstick for the transmission fluid is near the battery. The dipstick is being held in place by a clip. You have to pull the clip away to be able to pull out the dipstick.

This would be near the gas tank. It is meant to regulate how much pressure is being put on the fuel in order to keep everything safe.

If this is a Camry,and the headlight lens is broken,you would have to buy the whole assembly,not just a lens. If the headlight lens is discolored[being that it is plastic]there are products to make them clear. Go to E-bay motors and look up headlamp cleaners..A good product..........

That depends on what car and where it is being sold. If you are in the US the Camry, Avalon and Venza are built in Georgetown, KY. While the Corolla's are built in Blue Springs, MS. The Prius and Yaris are built in Japan.

I recently purchased a 96 Toyota Camry and while driving it home (approximately 100 miles) the oil light came on. My mechanic told me after fixing it that it was a plugged prefilter screen before the oil pump causing the oil pump to be starved (most likely due to sludge buildup from infrequent oil changes and being parked for long periods of time while it was in the process of being sold.) Not the only scenario, but that's what happened to me.

On my 96 Camry, there is a separate "fusible link" (i believe that's what the manual calls it). It is located under the steering wheel, under the dash. I had to remove a piece of the air duct to get to it. Not easily accessible. I believe there were three of them in that vicinity (one being for the windows). Good luck

Contrary to popular belief, chickens CAN be driven and often are in fact driven for quite many a year. If you have found any of my chickens being driven, let me know and I will call the police.

When a car is being inspected, it cannot have the airbag light on. The light can be reset by an OBDii scanner, that will clear the code causing the problem or by disconnecting the battery for 30+ minutes.

If a car is not being driven you do not need to keep it insured. However if your car is damaged while uninsured you will not be compensated.

belt. change about 60-90 thousand miles this is correct. chains started being used on the 5 th generation camreys 2002 2.4 4 cyl.

In traditional programming, code was run from start to finish and sometimes asked for input along the way. Event driven programming, on the other hand, does nothing until it gets an event, such as a mouse moving or a key being pressed.

i had one. put it in the exhaust pipe. when the smoke starts coming with the engine ON it is good news. if it smokes WITHOUT the engine being on, you have proberly got a leaf or something catching fire. at this stage, run!!!

this is sometimes due to a slightly low brake fluid level, sometimes happens with me when pulling away with steering applied

No, but check with a Toyota dealer to make sure.

Check fuses Radio requires 2 power sources One being a constant HOT for memory circuit Sounds like your memory circuit is not working

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